The Best and Healthiest Diet for Prediabetes

If you’re prediabetic, then it’s time to make some radical life changes to improve your health. Failing to take action and curb the progression of the disorder will result in the development of type 2 diabetes.

However, it’s critical to note that unlike type 2 diabetes, which has no cure, it’s possible to reverse the effects of prediabetes and return to a balanced blood glucose profile.

You are what you eat. This saying holds true and changing your diet and eating healthy is the fastest way to relieve the symptoms of prediabetes and prevent its development into a chronic condition.

Keto diet for prediabetes

Reverse Prediabetes with the Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet reduces blood glucose levels by eliminating carbohydrate from your daily caloric intake. All calories consumed on the keto diet come in the form of healthy fats and protein.

This diet strategy improves insulin resistance, allowing the pancreas to recover normal biological function without the need for exogenous drugs.

How to Enter Ketosis

To enter a ketogenic state, you’ll need to abstain from eating carbs. The body assimilates carbs and turns them into glycogen to fuel metabolic function. When carbs are restricted, glycogen levels begin to deplete.

As the body loses its fuel source (glycogen,) the brain signals the liver to produce ketone body’s from adipose tissue stores (body fat.) These ketones replace the function of glycogen in metabolism, allowing the body to function of fat rather than carbs for energy.

During the first few days after implementing the ketogenic diet, you’ll feel fatigued and slow as the body depletes its glycogen stores.

It’s also common for people using a ketogenic diet to experience a rapid weight loss over the first 5-days as the body drops water weight.

3 to 5-days after starting a keto diet, you’ll experience a sudden shift in energy levels as the body moves into a ketogenic state. Cognitive processes improve, and energy levels return to normal or increase.

You can remain in a ketogenic state indefinitely, as long as you continue to abstain from eating carbohydrates.

Approved Foods for the Ketogenic Diet

The ketosis calls on healthy fat sources as the cornerstone for daily calorie consumption. Here are the three types of fat to focus on in your diet.

1. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat – Found in plant-based products like extra-virgin olive oil and avocados.
2. Saturated fat – Found in coconuts and meat.
3. Omega-3 EFA’s – Found in deep water fish and seeds.

Your fat intake should comprise 90% of your total daily calories, with lean protein sources accounting for the balance.

Find Professional Help

If you struggle with designing and implementing a ketogenic diet, visit a health professional. A nutritionist will guide you in the right direction by creating a ketogenic diet tailored to your specific needs.

Track Your Progress

Purchase a blood-glucose monitoring kit, as well as keto strips and a journal. Measure your fasted blood glucose every morning, along with your ketogenic readout, and log them in a journal.

You should experience a significant reduction in blood glucose reading within a week as the body shifts in ketosis.

Individuals using the ketogenic diet for periods of 6-months or more achieve a sustained, balanced blood glucose profile as well as improved feelings of well-being.

If you have prediabetes share your tips and ideas that have helped you in the comment section.

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