Solar-Powered Products Flowing into Consumer Market Today

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Across the globe, people are becoming more aware of the necessity and advantages of using more alternative energy sources, particularly solar power. The green market is on the rise everywhere, and has become the forefront of many political and social agendas. Solar power is here to stay, and is increasing its presence across all markets.

Power companies are now investing in solar panel fields, versus the monolithic power plants with their smoky chimneys. Manufacturers are now creating solar powered products for consumers to use in their day to day lives. This alternative power source has taken the lead in the green energy movement and is becoming more accessible to homeowners.

What Solar Energy Can Do For You

There is a significant amount of advantages provided to you by solar energy. One of the many solar energy advantages for you is the fact you can invest in your own power generation. The initial cost to invest in a homeowner’s solar power system is dramatically dropping from what it once was when the idea hit the markets. Each year, homeowners are finding more advantages in collecting, storing, and using their own energy than ever before.

With the installation of solar panels on your home, you not only reduce the amount of electricity you have to purchase, but you can also create enough power to sell back to your utility company. The systems are set up with a programmable unit to hold the amount of energy your home requires and then sells the excess amount to your electric company for use during peak demand hours.

Another advantage of providing solar energy in your home is not having to worry about power outages during severe weather. The solar panels placed on your roof will be resilient against Mother Nature elements. Storms are not the only cause of power outages. With your own power source, you also do not have to worry about the power grid going down during peak times when some aging utility company’s upgrades are not present to handle the overloads.

Solar Powered Products for Everyday Convenience

Consumer markets are seeing an increase in solar-powered products. These products are making it easier for you to continue using your devices even when there is no electrical source available. No longer do you have to rely on being near a plug-in when you head to the beach, the park, or any outdoor activity. These are some of the solar-powered products flowing into the consumer market today:

  • Solar Grills and Cookers  – These grills and cookers are able to harness the power of the sun to cook your favorite outdoor foods. Within just a few minutes, these units are ready to grill your burger, fry your steak, heat up those hot dogs, or any other food you’ve brought along to cook. They are capable of reaching temperatures of 550 (F) to get your meal completed quickly


  • Solar Stepping Stone – These solar-powered stones not only light up your walking path at night, but they also add a decorative touch to your garden and lawns. There are a variety of designs to choose from to match your outdoor theme.


  • Solar-Powered Audio Speakers – Where ever you want to boost up your favorite tunes, these solar-powered audio speakers are ready to tap into the sun’s energy to boost your sounds. You no longer have to worry about your batteries draining before the event is over, these speakers will carry you through on sun power. The speakers also double as a charging unit for your small devices such as mobile phones.


  • Solar Generators – The solar generator will enable you to travel anywhere. No longer do you have to worry about plugging in your appliances or devices to an electric source. This generator also eliminates having to carry dangerous gasoline along to power the older version generators. The generator will power multiple devices along with your mini-fridge or other small survival items.


  • Solar-Powered Water Heaters – Using a solar-powered water heater to heat the water in your home gives you two options. You can use an active system which uses pumps and controls, or the passive system which does not. An active system will provide you with more flexibility in how you store the unit. There are other options and designs; you will have to discuss with a representative to find the one best for your home use.


  • Solar Shingles – Solar shingles are an alternative design for capturing the sun’s power without having the panels displayed on your roof. You can still receive the benefits of solar power and reduce your electricity costs without the panels. The solar shingles can double as an energy saver and your roofing material to protect your home and loved ones.

Not all people have been convinced of the vital role we all play in our world’s healthy environment. Climate changes are demanding we cut our carbon emissions and by harnessing nature’s gift of power, we are able to save our planet and ourselves. The markets are helping us to convert to a greener power source with newer and better solar-powered products. It is up to us the consumers to begin relying on this new technology so that it can grow and improve.

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  2. Thanks for your article, Marla. It’d be great if you can share more pictures of these solar-powered products, which would help us better understand solar. In fact, from my point of view solar energy is the most accessible renewable energy for the general public. 🙂

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  3. Another great article! I’ve never heard of most of these items, so very informative. So glad to see how this important technology is evolving. Thanks, Nancy

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