Can Solar and Battery Power Truly Change the World?

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, the age of oil and gas is coming to an end. While it will take many more years for its direly needed demise to come to pass, there is a sprout of hope for a cleaner future. Clean energy such as solar energy is no longer something we’re aiming for, but something we have the technology for, and, most importantly, something we can already put to good use.

Solar Power Energy and Battery Power

The principle is simple, we can now use nature to power our lives without harming it in the process. Solar energy can be easily made nowadays and it is accessible to the general public. You can purchase solar panels for your home and use the sun to make energy, which you then store in a battery, which you use to power your home appliances.

Houses with solar panels on the roof are one of the symbols of the immediate future because clean energy will make a difference in the decades to come. So, can solar and battery power truly change our world? The answer is yes, most definitely.

The fundamental aim is to maintain the modern lifestyle we’ve worked so hard during the past century to accomplish but without paying the costs of pollution. Be it in the last hour, the process of becoming aware of the striking environmental issues that our generation is facing has finally started to cause a reaction.

Solar energy and batteries

A shift in perception

The plan to save the Earth, or rather undo the damage our elders have done, has finally been set in motion and accessible solar energy is the best proof. Ten years ago, for instance, people did not comprehend just how much of a change switching to clean energy could make.

Moreover, the technology was available, but not to the general public. Solar panels were the stuff of Sci-Fi movies, which rich eccentric people would resort to. In 2019, purchasing a solar panel is an investment, but it is no longer a luxury, nor something out of the ordinary.

In fact, this shift in perception is fueling the next stages of the development for the clean energy industry. Not only do people accept the possibility that clean energy could be integrated into day-to-day life, but they actually have the desire to do so, as excited consumers.

One of the companies that have contributed immensely to this shift in perception is Tesla. Unanimously regarded as the pioneers of clean energy, they have actually managed create a speed car that runs entirely on electricity. The Tesla Roadster is not a car that people would settle for, but a car that people actually want to have in their garages.

Can Solar energy change the world

Solar energy fueling the industry

Another big sector where clean energy has made a difference is Manufacturing and Technology. Introducing clean energy as a valid alternative for plants and factories is a giant step. It will not be long until alternative energy will positively impact everything from the valve manufacturing industry and all the way to the automotive industry.

This is exactly how solar energy is changing our world. It will be utilized more and more parts of our lives, and in a few years, we will be able to run on clean energy only. Depending on the climate, sun, wind, or water can be used to create energy, which offers a very generous range to all parts of the world.

Sweden is the best possible example that this is the future. The Swedish aim to be the first country to be 100 reliant on renewable energy by 2040. At the moment, they produce approximately 57% of their 159TWh necessary from renewable energy, which puts them well on their way to achieving their goal.

Soon there will be some strong contenders for Sweden, and more and more countries will adopt this model based on the resources they have. The wheels are set in motion, the solar panels are in place and they are loading up those batteries.

Solar energy is currently considered alternative energy, but in the decades to come, it is going to be the primary source of energy worldwide. A cleaner future for the planet is possible and we are getting closer and closer to it, one solar panel at a time.

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