Should I Get Solar Panels?

Renewable energy is the future.

Many homeowners want to take advantage of solar power. Solar has many benefits, and once it’s setup, it’s very convenient.

But how do you know when to make the switch?

Solar panels on roof
Solar panels on the roof of a house, producing electricity

Are You Planning to Live in This House for the Next 20 Years?

Solar panels are an investment in your home and in the environment. But that investment won’t pay off for you if you’re planning to move in 5 years.

It’s recommended that if you want to install a solar system, you should stay in your home at least until the solar panels have paid for themselves in energy savings. While there’s no exact number, this generally takes about 12-18 years.

Is Your Home Energy-Efficient?

Homes with poor insulation, leaking ductwork, or drafty windows and doors aren’t energy efficient – they’re also contributing to those high bills.

If you convert to solar power without making sure your home is energy-efficient, the savings won’t be nearly as impressive, and it’ll take that much longer to see any return on your investment.

Energy auditors/environmental consultants operate in many cities, and can perform a thorough inspection of your house’s efficiency. By making the recommended changes, you can ensure that none of your solar energy is wasted.

How Important is Helping the Environment?

Solar panels are hands down one of the best choices for protecting our environment.

This infographic shares some startling numbers about the harm fossil fuels are having on both our planet and our health.

Infographic Pollution

By using solar panels, you’re making a difference in your environment and to your own health.

Are You Paying Through the Nose for Electricity?

Electricity is expensive. How much electricity you use, and the electrical rates where you live, have a huge impact on your monthly bills.

If you’re paying through the nose for your electricity, solar panels may be your way out from underneath those soul-crushing costs.

The cost of solar energy has dropped by approximately 70% since 2006, making it more appealing and affordable than ever. Solar energy can save you money!

What’s Your Landscaping Like?

We’re not talking about your flower beds or your lawn mowing skills – we want to know about your trees.

If you have gorgeous, 50 year old trees that cast a permanent shadow over your house, this is actually a huge problem if you want to get solar panels.

In order to be as efficient as possible, sunlight needs an unobstructed path to the panels on your roof. If you have trees blocking the sun some – or all – of the time, you won’t see the return on investment you were expecting.

Is Your Roof Up to the Job?

Solar panels are installed on your roof, which means there are a few things to take into consideration, including:

    • The size of your roof.
    • The angle of your roof.
    • The condition and structural soundness.
    • The direction your roof slants – south-facing is the absolute best for solar harvesting.
    • What type of roof you have.
    • How old your roof is – solar systems last up to 30 years, which means your roof needs to as well.

These are all things you can have professionally appraised by solar panel installation experts.

Do You Have the Savings or the Financing to Install a Solar System?

While it’s true that solar energy is more affordable now than 10 years ago, it does still cost a lot upfront to install the solar panels.

This, more than anything else, is what makes people wonder if they should get solar panels.

While paying the full amount upfront without loans or financing is the best in terms of seeing a return on investment quickly, there are many ways to make solar panels more affordable.

Take Advantage of Rebates

Governments around the world have put rebates in place to encourage homeowners to make the switch to renewable energies. Ask the installers you meet with about available rebates and tax credits – they’ll be able to let you know what’s available and how to qualify.

Ask About Financing

Financing is a great way to make the upfront costs of solar panels more budget-friendly. You can get solar loans from banks or ask about your installer’s financing program.

Solar Panels Come with So Many Benefits

There are so many benefits to making the switch to solar energy. You can read all about them right here >


This article outlines the specifics of if solar energy and what you should look at when considering solar energy. How long are planning to live in your house, is your house energy-efficient, is your roof stable enough to handle solar panels and do you have the proper landscaping, how much are paying for electricity, and taking advantages of rebates.  This article is to help you decide if solar panels and solar energy is the right choice for your home.

Have  you considered solar energy or are you already using solar? Please leave any tips or suggestions that you have found useful in the comment section below.

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