The Benefits of Having Solar Panels!

The overall cost of fossil continues to increase due to the ever-increasing pollution concerns and the dwindling supply of fossil fuels. As a result, the world has begun to embrace alternative forms of energy such as solar energy.

Solar energy is a perfect example of renewable forms of energy and has been gaining prominence in the recent past with solar panels being seen in many buildings.

solar panels to lower your energy bill

The following are some of the most notable benefits having solar panels in your home or business premises:

Eliminates or Reduces Energy Bills

It is interesting to know that a household of two adults and three kids can completely eliminate energy bills by installing solar panels. Such a household only needs an average amount of sun to have enough power for their daily consumption. In fact, solar panels can produce excess power during warm spring days.

You only need two hours of sunshine to meet your daily power requirements. Therefore, individuals that live in cloudy locations are also guaranteed their daily supply of power. In fact, cloudy weather does not prevent solar panels from drawing energy. You can still power your home with diffused or indirect sunlight.

Rebates and Tax Credits

It is hard to believe that you can actually earn tax credits and rebates from power systems until you install solar panels. After installing solar panels, one qualifies for a federal tax credit of up to 30% when it comes to system costs. The system costs may include installation and equipment costs. As a result, one saves up to 30 percent of the actual cost of the solar system when they file their tax returns. In fact, the total cost can be cut by almost 50 percent when you include the Solar Renewable Energy Credits, local rebates, and state rebates.

It is also good to know that you can sell some of the credits to utility companies for impressive returns. You only need to contact professionals like Sunshine Coast Solar Installers for your solar system installation before to benefit from the existing tax credits and rebates.

Environmental Conservation

Solar panels are good for the environment as they provide clean energy. Apart from reducing collective reliance on fossil fuels, installation of solar panels helps in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Traditional sources of energy like natural gas and coal emit harmful gases that contribute to global climate change, water pollution, and air pollution. Clean sources of energy such as solar power lead to reduced pollution hence improving public health.

Long-term savings

As mentioned earlier, installing solar panels eliminates or reduces energy bill, and this promotes long-term savings. In this case, annual energy expenditure in terms of residential energy and transportation is reduced significantly with the installation of solar panels. The sun is available for free and one ends up generating power at zero costs. Also, the resale value of a home can improve in a great way after the installation of solar panels.

In summary, solar energy is an example of renewable forms of energy that are currently being adopted as a replacement for fossil fuels. Some of the benefits associated with installing solar panels in your home or business include; reduced energy bills, environmental conservation, long-term savings, as well as tax credits and rebates. Therefore, solar panels guarantee a clean, affordable, and reliable source of energy.

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