The Best Pressure Washer for Your Car: Electric Vs. Gas

Pressure washing your car

Washing your car may not only improve its aesthetic, but it also retains the car’s integrity.

To enhance the strength of a car against the elements, cleaning it on a daily basis can help. ‘Contaminants’ such as dirt generated from saps of a tree bark, as well as dust, should be removed immediately from the surface of your car in order to protect its durability. You have two options to clean your car: it’s either you will drive it straight to a car wash or do the washing by yourself using a pressure washer for car.

No matter what the cleaning job is— like removing the dirt out of a car, getting rid of moss build-up, and clearing dirt from vinyl sidings— using a pressure washer will make the job a lot easier. Compared to the time it normally takes to manually clean the dirt using your own hands, using pressure washers can help do the job faster than it normally should. With the right unit of pressure washer, you will find that you finish the job easier than what you’ve expected. With the best pressure washer for your car, you can expect a good as new vehicle.

Pressure washing your car

Though pressure washing sounds like a good idea to clean your car, you still have to be extra careful when doing the job.

Electric or Gas: Which pressure washer should you choose for your car?

When it comes to pressure washers, people tend to choose between electric or gas-powered. While it is true that both can do a perfect cleaning job, each type of pressure washer has their specific job to do.

Gas-powered pressure washer usually has a higher flow rate. And the higher the flow rate, the higher the PSI is too. This kind of pressure washer is suitable for heavy-duty jobs— like cleaning a ten-year grime build-up on your wall. This means that it can also damage your car’s painting.

Therefore, when it comes to pressure washing your car, and electric-powered pressure washer is more suitable for the job. Electric pressure washers have an upper limit of approximately 2000 PSI of pure pressure.  Aside from that, electric-powered have the advantage in terms of weight, ease of use, maintenance and dimensions.

Tips When Pressure Washing Your Car

Pressure washing may sound like a good idea to clean your car; however, it is not an easy task to do.

To avoid falling into the frequent pressure washing pitfalls, the following tips for pressure washing may help you.

1. Before using the pressure washer, you should check first if the brush is suited for cleaning the car. The brush must also be clean and in good condition to avoid scratching the paint off of your car.

2. Get a good kind of pressure washer that can do multiple tasks. The best pressure washer for your car is a model that can distribute detergent, as well as it distributes water. Aside from its quite handy, it can also help lessen your workload.

3. Always use the right detergent— the one most suited to the pressure washer you have and your car.

4. You can always change the detergent you are using if you are not satisfied with the result. Sometimes the problem lies with the detergent, not with your pressure washer.

5. When pressure washing, wear close shoes to avoid pressure washing your feet accidentally.

6. Make sure that the doors and windows of your car are fully and properly close to avoid damaging the interior.

7. After pressure washing, clean the brush and sponges you use, as well to avoid dirt and grime build-up.

8. Don’t forget to clean your car’s hubcap.

9. Do not spray the nozzle of your pressure washer in close proximity to your car. Doing this will bring damage to your car, especially to your car’s paint. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the pressure washer to understand how it works.

10. If possible, do not use the pressure washer if your car is parked on surfaces with small pebbles and gravel. Once the water from the pressure washer hit some of the rocks, there’s a possibility that it may bounce back, which can cause damage to your car’s paint.

11. Always start at the upper part of your car while moving the nozzle downwards.

12. Before pressure washing, make sure that the detergent is properly diluted for better cleaning results.

13. Finally, when pressure washing; always point the nozzle away from other people as it could actually hurt them.

pressure washer - gas vs electric

To avoid accidents while using a pressure washer, do not point it to anyone that might get hurt.

Pressure washers, no matter how small or lightweight they are, must still be treated as machines. Even if you already mastered using the pressure washer while cleaning your car, accidents can still happen. Therefore, while using the right type of pressure washers, you should always stick to the guidelines and observe the basic safety rules before using it for your car.

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