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In an effort to save the world, many going green campaigns have come out each with the intention of saving different aspects of the environment ranging from endangered tree species to whole ecosystems such as rainforest. This has left many with the view that going green is to be left to organizations that assist in the preservation of this ecosystems and endangered species. However, this is not true, as going green has a wider scope than this. It also entails personal changes that result in a better environment while at the same time improving ones quality and even quantity of life. Going green for an individual results in impacting the environment in a positive and important way that will make a substantial difference in today’s world and future generations. Some of the ways to go green while improving one’s health are discussed below.

What you eat and drink:

Purchasing and eating organic foods may not fit into everyone’s budget, but there are many other options to going and practicing a green lifestyle, while at the same time keeping their body and mind healthy.

  • Organic foods — This foods are produced using the most natural method possible such as, use of compost instead of synthetic fertilizers and natural methods that are non-toxic for insects and pest control. This greatly reduces the chemicals used ensuring that the food one eats is so much healthier, toxic-free, and will help ensure any problems related to chemicals in the future. Production of organic food also ensures that no chemicals are released to the environment and that those who work in their production are not affected by any chemicals. Learn more about how organic gardening can improve your health!
  • Drinking filtered tap water — While many may consider drinking of bottled water to be better than tap water this is actually not true. While production of tap water is regulated that of bottled water is not. This results in some bottled water containing high levels of chemicals and some even contain pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. Bottled water also needs to be packaged resulting in a lot of waste that can impose many health and environmental risks.   Therefore when going to work or out for a run it would be better to carry water using a reusable water bottle and think about  using filtered tap water to avoid any toxins (chlorine in water). There are many kinds of filters and I would suggest you do some research to find the best choice for your family.
  • Buy local products — Buying of local products such as vegetables, milk, eggs and any other food ensures that one reduces energy used in their production as compared to buying them in supermarkets. Local goods usually require little or no packaging and transportation, this reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses from the production of packaging material or transportation to stores.

Other healthy foods options!

One can also practice other methods of getting healthier foods such as:


  • Growing your own foods  — This can be done for vegetables such as tomatoes which can be grown using the small available spaces. This ensures that the food is grown according to ones specifications. To learn more “7 Organic Gardening Tips – DIY Pest Control For Healthy Living!”
  • Reducing meat consumption — While this does not mean necessarily becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, reducing meat consumption is both good for an individual and the environment as whole. Livestock production accounts for up to 18% of all human-caused greenhouse gasses and up to 23% of all global water used in agriculture. When we eat meat make sure it is local grass-fed beef and free range poultry that is not contaminated with hormones and antibiotics and is extremely important for our health and the environments health.

Other methods of going green:

There are many other ways of going green such as:


  • Using of energy saving bulbs as opposed to the normal incandescent bulbs.
  • Carpooling or using public transport, walking or cycling. This methods ensure a better environment while also leading to better health of an individual.
  • For those who travel a lot to other countries for either holidays or regular business trips especially to European countries one should obtain an EHIC card as opposed to getting insurance cover over the different countries resulting in fewer paper work and cards which may result in a lot of waste. The card also ensures cheaper health care in the countries where it is accepted.

Going green is so important to the future of our planet and to our health. We need nourish our minds and bodies as well as the environment in every aspect to ensure a safe and healthy future for our children.



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