How Recycling Scrap Metal Helps the Environment

From automobiles running on the roads to the factories manufacturing new products to the waste and dump collected in the landfills, every such thing poses danger to our most precious asset – the environment. All of these things have led to environmental pollution and depleted natural resources and so we are required to live very cautiously. This is why, there is an increasing pressure (both politically and socially) on us to implement on various methodologies that can help in conserving the planet. Holding the business and commercial sectors is definitely not a way that will help out. However, recycling the resources, particularly the scrap metal, is definitely a great idea. In this article, we shall be discussing what scrap metal is and how encouraging its recycling helps the environment.

"How Recycling Scrap Saves The Environment"

What is scrap metal?

Originating both in residential and business environment, scrap metal is nothing but the dumped metal, which once served a purpose. It can be in the form of some machinery likes, TV, fridge, or construction metal like gates, frames, or automobiles like cars, trucks, two-wheelers, or technological stuff like, computer, laptops or any other metallic object which is broken down or dumped. Lakhs of tons of scrap metal is collected in the scrapyards, junkyards and landfills every year.

Importance of scrap metal recycling:

Scrap metal lying in the junkyard poses danger to the environment. The harmful toxins released from refrigerants, blowing objects and different other dumped metal machinery can pollute the air and soil it is lying over. This may even contaminate the drinking water supply. Various hazardous chemical leaks from the metal scrap in junkyards and landfills can cause ozone depletion and lead to climatic changes as well. For saving the environment from these potential threats of scrap metal collected in trash fields, recycling becomes very important. By recycling scrap metal and then bringing it back to use, we not only save the environment from getting polluted but also preserve a great amount of natural resources that are used to manufacture fresh metal.

Benefits of scrap metal recycling to the environment:

There are many firms that collect scrap metal from residents and commercial sectors like hotels and industries and then recycle it to turn it into new. Scrap metal Sunshine, Melbourne is a perfect example of scrap metal merchants who collect metal for recycling purposes, which ultimately benefits the environment in a number of ways.

A few are discussed below:

Cuts down pollution and waste: As discussed above, scrap metal collected in the junkyards and trash fields pollute the surrounding air, soil and water. Manufacturing new metal on the other hand can lead to hefty amounts of wastage of natural resources. Both of these are anything but kind to the environment. By recycling scrap metal, we can cut on the pollution and wastage and help in saving the environment.

Saves energy: A great amount of energy is spent in manufacturing new metals from virgin ore. Whereas a significantly less energy is used when scrap metal is recycled. And when recycled scrap metal is utilized a high percentage of energy is saved.

Conserves natural resource: Manufacturing new metal like aluminum, copper, iron and steel make use of tons of large amount of natural resources like iron ore, bauxite ore, limestone and coal. However, using recycled scrap metal in place of new metal conserves all these natural resources.

Cuts down greenhouse gas emissions — When we make use of recycled scrap metal, the emission of greenhouse gases, which harm the environment, are substantially reduced. Moreover, recycling scrap metal saves a lot of landfill space.

Keeping the various advantages of scrap metal recycling in mind, a lot of companies around the world like Melbourne metal recycling, have taken the initiative of recycling the old and dumped metal and convert it into something new and useful. Reintroducing the scrap metal into the industry by this environmental friendly practice will not only benefit the environment, but also be profitable to the manufacturers as they would not have to spend on creating fresh metal.


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  4. You wrote that by recycling scrap metal, we can cut on the pollution and wastage and help in saving the environment. My neighbor has some scrap metal in his backyard that he has been meaning to get rid of. He’s a very environmentally conscious person, so I’m sure he’d be very excited to learn that recycling is an option. Thanks for the great read.

    1. HI Dennis,
      I hope your neighbor gets rid of that scrap soon. Recycling is a great option for many products and is so important to the health of our environment. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed New Year!

  5. Hi Marla,
    What an inspiring “green” example! Thank you for enlightening us about the benefits of scrap metal recycling for the environment by sharing this valuable and informative post at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I am sharing and pining this!

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