Make Going Green in Your Personal Home Office your Goal

Are you looking to go green in your home office and need some tips to help guide you on how to implement some changes into your personal home office. Does working from home help the environment? This is not an easy question to answer. Although you might be helping to impact the environment by not driving a car every day or commuting in one way or the other the is so much more to making sure you are doing everything you can to reduce the environmental impact on our planet. So let’s learn some ways to help lessen the impact on our planet and make going green in your office your personal goal!

What changes can you make to your personal home office to meet your goal of going green?

going green in your office

Low Your Energy Use and Try Alternative or Renewable Energy Sources

Use LED lighting that can have will have some impact on saving energy but the how much energy does LED save? There is so much more  you could be doing such as technology we newer and more energy-efficient equipment. You could get a new laptop or desktop computer that helps not only by saving energy but can save you time with the many new programs available on new computers.  One of the most energy-efficient ways to save on your utility bill is adding some solar panels  on even just small items like solar chargers for your laptop and cell phone.

Recycle Every Item Possible

Instead of using many documents try going paperless and storing documents on your computer – make sure you have a good backup system for your important data.  Stop printing out unnecessary documents – use email and many other forms of communicate to cut down on paper. What paper you do use make sure you use both sides of the paper and do not throw it in the trash – recycle it. Use electronic scanning that can save you tons of paper and money. It has been estimated that homeowners and businesses use approximately 6,800 sheets of paper a year. Make sure you have a separate recycle bin for paper glass, any type of plastics, or glass. Keep to you’re going green goal of and reduce as much waste as humanly possible.

Green Clean Goal 

Clean and disinfect with green and eco-friendly cleaner and don’t forget about those toxin air fresheners – try using some of these simple and easy to make air fresheners. There many eco-friendly green cleaning product to use or better yet use your own safe and natural homemade green cleaners.  Using green cleaners and don’t forget about having plants that help clean the air and add beauty and have a positive effect on your mood and health.

Turn Off Any Unnecessary Equipment when not in use

Never leave you computer on overnight! It saves so much energy by turning it off and plus you need to reboot and give it a fresh start every morning. Whenever you aren’t using your computer for more than a few hours, turn it off. Setting on standby sleep mode wastes unnecessary energy and some experts claim that it will lessen the life of your computer.

Call and change you energy provider

Check out what your energy provider is offering and if they offer greener options. Check prices and all their terms. Don’t be taken in by false information. Make sure you getting the most for your money with a green alternative energy supplier. aren’t bad either.

These are just a few tips to how you can meet your goal to a going green in your home personal office. Take it one step at ta time and before you know it you will be reducing your carbon footprint and making the world safer for our children and all future generations.

Would love to hear your tips and suggestions on how to have a green office! Please use the comment section below.

Live green, work green, and share this article to help others learn to live a green and healthy lifestyle!

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