How Healthy Food and Exercise Can Help You to Quit Smoking

For many smokers, finding a way to kick the habit for good may seem like an elusive goal. But there’s a sure way to kick the bad habit of smoking some real cigarette. Long term smokers and those whose past attempts to quit have been less than successful can easily find themselves feeling discouraged. Proper diet, regular exercise and other efforts that may be essential for creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, such as adopting a yoga or meditation practice in an effort to reduce stress levels, can all make a real difference. Learning more about the various lifestyle changes that may aid in smoking cessation efforts may be an important initial step on the road to a smoke-free future.


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The Importance of Proper Diet and Good Nutrition

A well-balanced diet is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle, one that may play a more important role in smoking cession than many smokers might realize. The right diet, eating habits and menu plan are essential for improving metabolic function and boosting energy levels while certain natural, herbal, and home remedies can help your quit smoking and curb cigarette cravings.  Ginseng, grape and citrus products and natural teas that help you stop smoking and ease the whole process and stress on your body.

Teas such as:
  • Mimosa tea Skullcap and Chamomile
  • Lobelia and Indian Tobacco that helps clear the lungs
  • Jasmine and Green Tea that helps calm you and they are wonderful antioxidant to help clear the body of toxins 

 Eating right can help to promote better overall health while providing the extra energy that may be needed to cope with stress and engage in other activities that may aid in the effort to avoid smoking. Drinking plenty of water is extremely important to beating the nicotine addiction because it naturally removes toxins from your body. Water helps your body heal from the harmful effects of nicotine and can help speed up the process.  


Exercise and Fitness

A vigorous workout is a simple and effective way to help reduce cigarette cravings. Ensuring that future cravings will be less frequent and intense is often essential for ensuring that former smokers are able to maintain their resolve throughout the initial weeks and months after quitting. Regular cardio exercise and moderate strength training can also help to ensure that weight gain, a common problem experienced by many former smokers, is less likely to become an issue. Getting into better shape and staying fit also ensures that the increased stamina and other physical benefits of giving up cigarettes may be more fully realized, appreciated and enjoyed.

Finding Alternatives to Tobacco

E-cigarettes can be a valuable resource for those who seeking a way to ease the quitting process or minimize potential withdrawal symptoms. Unlike cigarettes, varying the dose of e-juice and fluids can be done with relative ease which allows individuals to titrate nicotine levels rather than quitting cold turkey. Fluids and juices that do not contain no nicotine may even be found and vaping a low-dose or nicotine-free juice can allow long-term smokers to mimic many of the rituals and patterns they have grown used to without requiring them to experience the addiction and withdrawal process all over again.

Yoga and Meditation for Stress Relief

Even under the most ideal circumstances, giving up cigarettes can still be a difficult and challenging undertaking. There are numerous scientific articles and studies that highlight the potential benefits that yoga or daily mediation may provide in terms of smoking cessation. Arranging for an oriental rug cleaning to remove dust, investing in a quality mat or setting up a room or interior corner solely for mediation may provide a safe space to de-stress and relax. Many smokers who have failed to quit in the past cite the stress of quitting as one of the main reasons their past efforts failed to meet with success. The peace of mind, relaxation and focus that yoga and daily mediation may provide could make a critical difference in ensuring that stress levels remain manageable throughout the process.


Kicking the Habit for Good

From proper diet and regular exercise to herbal supplements and new daily routines, there are plenty of resources available that can help ensure smokers are able to put down the pack for good. Learning a little more about how to mitigate cravings, manage stress and maintain resolve can allow smokers to ensure that quitting can be done more easily and with a greater chance of success. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can provide many smokers with the edge they have been missing.


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