How Organic Food is Setting New Food Trends in 2018!

Demand for organic food is on the rise ever since the term ‘organic’ got popular. People now are more inclined to buy an organically grown food than a traditional pesticide sprayed agricultural product. Traditionally grown products harm the environment as well as the people consuming them with the toxins they contain while organically grown foods benefits the environment.

According to research by Bord Bia, Irish organic market stands at $206 million, while in 2016 the same in the U.S was a whopping $43 billion, and it already represents 5.3 percent of total retail food sales there. Also, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion is the most significant indicator of them all.  

organic foods

There is no doubt that organic foods will be in demand in 2018. Let’s focus on the new trends they are about to make.

#1. Availability in variety of sizes

Many people want to switch to organic food, but the issue was they don’t want to buy large size packets as it’s considered that organic food rots faster because it’s much cleaner than regularly grown food. That’s a debate in itself, so we will not concentrate our efforts on that, but many factors play a role in making food go bad.

To counter this problem organic food growing companies introduced small sizes of the items which are reasonably priced helping the customers try their food without the worry of wasting the food.

#2. Introduction of foods containing organic items

Packaged food items that include organic products are relatively low, around only 2 percent but products labeled as ‘natural’ are plenty on the market. In 2018  many more products have and will be introduced with organic ingredients including snacks, powders, juices, etc. You can expect a healthy treat in 2018.

#3. Eatable Flowers

Edible flowers will be in demand. And you will find it everywhere. Talk about coffee, sweets, you name it, and you will have it. Whole foods note that citrusy elderflower and bright pink hibiscus trees will be in demand this year.

#4. Increasing availability of grass-fed meat

organic grass fed beef

People nowadays are more concerned where there produce is coming from. Especially meat. As there were many documentaries and studies on how animals were given steroids to increase their size so that more can be sold in the market. Also traditionally animals were fed grains. But recent trend is of grass-fed meat in which animals are made to roam on the farm, and they eat natural grass which makes them a healthier option to have. As per Star Tribune, conventional grain-fed beef consumption has been on the decline for many years, while sales of grass-fed beef are growing, i.e., from $17 million in 2012 to $272 million in 2016.


You are bound to see organic foods in every supermarket shelves in 2018 and that too in many varieties. Try the one that interests you and incorporate this healthy food option in your diet in 2018. Don’t just make resolutions of being healthy. Start acting on it today and remember not only does organic food benefit you but it benefits our environment and planet. 

Authors Bio: Adela Belin is a private educator and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers. Feel free to contact Adela on G+


7 thoughts on “How Organic Food is Setting New Food Trends in 2018!”

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  4. We produce our own grass fed meat and organic veggies and buy as much organic other stuff as we can. I do however how a real issue with some items that are labelled organic but then are high is fats/sugars, over packaged in plastic, imported unnecessarily or full of other “dodgy ingredients such as palm oil etc. I do think the organic industry needs to look at the bigger picture not just the pesticides etc it no longer uses. That siad it is a step in th eright direction so long as the organic item is overall as or more sustainable than its non-organic equivalent.

    Thank you for once again joining in with #GoingGreen and I am so sorry it took me for ever to pop by. The next linky opens tomorrow (May 7th) so I hope you will join in again 🙂

    1. HI Rosie,
      You are 100% correct about the organic industry. I too thing they need to look at the whole picture such as how they are wrapping foods. I try to buy as much local as possible to avoid packaging – its not possible for use to grow our own beef but we do buy a quarter of grass fed local organic beef every year and our produce is local so I know exactly how it has been grown and no packaging. Local is healthier for you too. Looking forward to linking up with #GoingGreen this month.

    1. It sure is good news that organic is becoming mainstream and that people are actually care about and aware of what they are eating. Have a wonderful day and keep living organically! #GoingGreen

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