How to Stay Happy While Dieting!


Whether you are on a vegan weight loss plan, a paleo diet, or just making overall healthier food choices, staying motivated while dieting can be difficult. To continue from my last post on “How to make your life best with 5 healthy fitness tips”  please check out the list below for more ideas on how to stay happy as you diet so you can stick with your new healthy lifestyle for the long-term.

1. Don’t Give Up When You Slip Up

Some days you’re going to give in to temptation and drink a beer, eat some cookies, or order a side of fries. First, don’t let yourself go into a full-on binge after a slip-up. You can pretty easily work off those two cookies, but not the whole package. Second, don’t beat yourself up. Accept that you’re human and move on with diet-friendly choices afterwards.

2. Love Yourself

Before you even start your diet, try some self-love. Read some body positive blogs, chat with a therapist, or just write kind notes to yourself on every day of your dieting journey. There’s already so much negativity in the world, so you should be nice to yourself in whatever body you have! Also allow yourself to celebrate any progress you notice, no matter how small.

3. Set Realistic Goals

If you set huge goals for yourself right away (like losing 50 pounds in 2 months), you are almost sure to be disappointed. Set smaller goals that you are more likely to achieve based on your current weight and fitness level. If you set yourself up for success from the start, you’re more likely to achieve long-term success as well.

4. Enlist a Friend

Dieting and losing weight are so much easier when you aren’t going it alone. Enlist a friend or your partner to diet with you so you can hold each other accountable and offer support. You could also ask a friend who lives a healthy lifestyle or who has gone on a similar weight loss journey to yours for help and advice.

5. Reward Yourself

Always looking to the next goal during your diet will make you miserable! Reward yourself when you reach a goal or see and feel real progress to encourage yourself to push through the not-so-fun parts of dieting. Just make sure you choose non-food rewards like a new top, a manicure, or that fancy lipstick you’ve been eyeing.

6. Don’t Deprive Yourself

If you are really craving one of your favorite junk foods, allow yourself to have a small portion of it every once in a while. If you don’t, you will feel grumpy and frustrated and no food will seem to satisfy your hunger. Plus you will still be doing better than before; you started out eating lots of bad food every day versus this one slice of cake at a birthday party or glass of champagne at a wedding.

7. Don’t Get Obsessed

Yes, sticking to your diet is super important, but don’t let it run your life. Thinking about what you can and cannot eat 24 hours a day will drive you crazy! Take time to pursue your hobbies, connect with friends and family, and excel at work. This way you’ll keep your mind occupied and have other successes to celebrate even if you don’t reach a goal in one area.

8. Find Foods You Like

If you’re going paleo or vegan, it may seem like you are suddenly restricted to bland steamed vegetables and salads for every meal. In reality, there are lots of yummy and unexpected ways to stick to your diet! Search the web for diet-friendly recipes and make the ones you like often. You might even find a new favorite dish!





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  1. Hi Marla,
    In my experience, going on a diet–when you really need to lose weight–is one of the hardest challenges so I am delighted that you shared these helpful tips for staying happy and motivated while dieting at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

    1. HI Deborah,
      Thanks for hosting the Healthy, happy green & natural blog hop and sharing my article. Have a healthy and happy day!

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