“Turn Your Home Into A Peaceful Yoga Retreat!”

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Yoga is the oldest form of exercise that exists today. While its origins may be rooted in religion, science has proven that yoga as a standalone exercise benefits not only your body, but your mind and nervous system. This meditative exercise may seem quiet, like it’s just a simple stretch, but there is a lot going on inside the body and mind; a calm inside the storm; inside the eye of a hurricane.

People who practice yoga at home should prepare their space to maximize the benefit of the exercise. Yoga demands a quiet, clean area that allows you to focus on the tasks at hand without worry or fear. The more that your mind can center on the activity and motion of your body, the more benefit your mind, body and nervous system will reap.

  • A Clean Yoga Area At Home

Since yoga is focused on wellness, it is important to perform the ancient exercises in a clean environment. One of the key tenets of yoga is breath. During every yoga pose you will be instructed to breathe in deeply and to breathe out completely. Scientifically, the oxygen entering your body through these deep breaths allow your muscles to relax which, in turn, allows you to reach a little further. And the further you reach, the more benefits you reap.

It is important to make sure that air quality in your home is good. One of the best ways to test your air quality is by slapping any carpet or cloth furniture to see how much dust is kicked up. All of that dust is going deep into your lungs during every yoga pose. The simple fix is to hire carpet cleaning companies to help clean your home’s air.


  • Minimize Clutter

Yoga is about simplicity. You simply put your body into different positions to test your balance, strength and stamina. Holding these simple positions tests your attention span and strengthens your mind. You want to be in a simple place with just a few things around you when you practice yoga, otherwise your attention may shift to objects in the room.

Remove the clutter from your yoga practice area. Remove artwork, pictures of family and friends, and move furniture to create a wide open space. And always put down a good yoga mat and use a yoga block if you are a beginner. You will increase your ability to focus by removing anything distracting.


  • Achieve Peace And Quiet

It may be difficult to remove yourself from the sounds of modern life. The problem is that the sounds of the street, including passersby, cars, the weather, and technologies such as television or smart phones, can interrupt your yoga Zen. In order to sink into the meditative space required for the maximum benefit of yoga, try to set up your yoga space in the most quiet room of your house.


  • A Hard Surface Lets You Balance

It is much easier to achieve balance in certain yoga poses upon a hard surface some beginners may find it difficult to balance on a carpeted surface as the squishy texture of the carpet makes legs tremble. Try to practice yoga in your home upon a hard surface, such as the kitchen floor.

If you do practice yoga in your kitchen, make sure the kitchen is clean and proper. Your mind may wander if the kitchen is unfinished. Shabby cabinets, an unclean floor or broken appliances may take you out of your Zen. Sometimes it is as simple as getting a cabinet refacing company to come in and complete the job to ensure yoga serenity.

Practicing yoga at home has many benefits but it needs to be done correctly. The feeling of home should make you feel nice and comfortable, making it easier to sink into the yoga Zen, but it is up to you to ensure a clean, uncluttered, finished area so that your mind does not wander.

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