Kick Start Your Day with a Healthy, Well Balanced Breakfast


Healthy Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet so many people skip it altogether. Maybe they just don’t feel like it, or perhaps they prefer an extra ten minutes in bed. But, make no mistake about it, they are missing out on starting their day the healthy way with a healthy breakfast!

A good healthy well-balanced breakfast can be the perfect start to the day, that will keep you going through the whole morning. You will avoid those cravings for unhealthy, mid-morning snacks, and it will also get your brain in gear for work.

Here are some of the basics to make sure you are getting a healthy well balanced breakfast:


A glass of water

You should start every day with a glass of water. After a long night’s sleep, your body will be in a state of dehydration, and it’s a necessity. But it doesn’t just quench your thirst. Drinking water first thing also kick-starts your metabolism, helps your body flush out toxins, and helps your brain get up to speed. And, it’s great for your skin!

Healthy carbs

Healthy carbs such as organic porridge oats don’t just give you a warm glow – they also release energy over a long period, meaning you can last until lunchtime without getting hungry. It’s the perfect fuel for the morning and is very healthy. Use filtered water to make your porridge is the healthiest option, but you can use raw grass-fed milk, coconut, nut, or any alternative milk.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is a perfect option. Make sure you take one of your five fruits a day at breakfast for a healthy start to your day!  Eat fresh local harvest fruit when possible. Try leaving an organic apple or grapefruit in the fridge overnight to give you that extra freshness. Lots of people turn to fruit juices in the morning, but because they are full of sugar, I would avoid them if possible. While a piece of fresh fruit also has sugar in it, the roughage and other nutrients make it a healthy trade-off.


Protein is also great for breakfast, so why not try an omelet or boiled eggs? For the healthiest choice make sure you use local farm fresh free range eggs. It will help fill you up, and give you a great kick-start to the day. You could even add some veggies to your omelet,  for an extra healthy option. Mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions are all perfect partners to the humble egg.


If you are a coffee drinker, go for an organic, fair trade brand, and try out a coffee machine to create the perfect cup. Try an espresso machine for an extra quick hit. Something like a La Marzocco might be a perfect fit, and make sure you get enough spare parts for maintenance purposes. Coffee in moderation is healthy, and can help you stave off liver disease, prevent diabetes and ward off Parkinson’s disease.


Take some organic, 2% Greek yogurt in the mornings, and mix in some fruit and nuts. For an extra boost of protein and energy try adding Hempseed, Acai, Goji Berries, Raisins, or other super-foods that will give it a great taste.  It’s a great way to get some healthy fats into your system, and gives you a calcium boost, as well as settling your stomach. It will help you get the energy you need until lunchtime.


What is your idea of the perfect, healthy breakfast?

Share your knowledge in the comments section below, and get involved with the conversation!




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