Small Steps You Can Take to Keeping A Green Home

Lemons, Baking Soda and Vinegar are all Natural Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Your Home.

Living a greener life is possible by tweaking your habits and the items in your home on a daily basis. And going green means being healthier, too. Cutting back on chemicals that harm the environment cuts back on chemicals that can hurt you. Here are some ways to begin cultivating an environmentally friendly home.

  • Cleaning Supplies

For the toughest cleaning messes you may need to break out a harsher chemical, but for the majority of your everyday cleaning needs, you can stick to natural cleaning supplies. A multitude of brands are healthier for your home, are clearly marked and are now available at stores like Walmart and Target. Using these is a simple way to start being more environmentally friendly, but there are so many natural cleaners that you can use instead.

For example, vinegar is great for removing grease. Try some of these nontoxic household items to naturally and safely clean your home. And in a lot of cases, they can be cheaper and more effective than cleaning products you would buy at the store Check out these  6 Tips to Spring Green Cleaning

and 5 Reasons you should be Cleaning with Herbs . 

  • Pest Control

Extermination services seem to go against keeping a green home. But if you do your research, you can still be environmentally friendly while ridding yourself of pesky critters.

Start by looking at a trusted pest control directory to ensure you are contacting qualified professionals. Take time to call a couple of providers and ask what they do to be environmentally friendly, or if they offer green pest control options. You may have to pay a little extra for a greener service, but it will be well worth it. You have the security of knowing that you and your family are not being poisoning by toxic chemicals.

Take the time to learn different options for your pest control problem, and choose the greenest one so you can rest easy knowing you did your part to keep the extermination process as green as possible.

Or do you own DIY natural organic non-toxic green pest control, Check out 6 Green Solution for Pest Prevention In your home!   for some simple but effective ways to control pests without toxic chemicals.

  • Energy Sources

Switching over to solar panels or other big changes can be expensive,

Start small when it comes to green energy sources.

  • Opt for energy-efficient lightbulbs.
  • Buy sunshield curtains to cut back on your use of air conditioning.
  • Unplug an item when not in use.
  • Take care to turn off all your lights before you leave your home.

There are so many simple steps you can take to start saving energy. Once you have done what you can, and perhaps have saved a bit of money, start doing your research on powering your home with renewable resources.

  • Recycle and Compost

Recycling may seem like the most common way to start living greener, but are you doing as much as you can? Learn about your community recycling program, and visit your local recycling center.

Create separate bins for:

  • glass
  • plastic
  • aluminum

This will help to increase the chance that your recyclables will actually be reused.

Make a conscious effort to buy products that have a small amount of waste. You can even start a friendly competition among family members to see who produces the least amount of garbage in a week.

If you have a backyard or some other area where you can compost, use it as much as possible. The natural decomposition of organic matter will create better soil if you want to begin a garden.

  • Make Green Purchases

Going green in your home largely starts with doing your research. Before making purchases, check to see if there are greener alternatives. In many cases, that extra five minutes of research time can save a lot and contribute toward making your home a greener environment.

By beginning with these small steps, soon you will be on your way to a completely environmentally friendly home.

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  1. notsomodernblog

    Great tips! We do a lot of these, but I still use some commercial cleaning products. I need to get back into the habit of making my own. They’re so much cheaper.

    Thank you for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop.

    1. Thanks for reading my article, commenting, and hosting the Homestead blog hop. Good luck on making your own cleaner – they are much cheaper and healthier. Happy Spring! Marla

  2. Thanks for sharing on Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I agree with all your tips/

  3. These are some great ideas! I especially love the idea to create a competition with family members to see who can produce the least amount of trash!

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