Small Steps You Can Take to Make a Greener Home

Many people have started to realize the impact they have on the environment. Whether it’s simple things such as using their car less or purchasing from well-known eco-friendly brands, it’s the small steps that add up and create a large effect, especially when a large community or group of people vow to live a greener lifestyle.

Living a greener lifestyle starts by making small maintainable changes to your home. After all, it’s the place that you live in for most of your life, so if you can make green changes to the place you live in, it’s easy to apply those changes to other things in life as well. So to get you started, here are a couple of small steps you can take to make your home greener and more environmentally friendly.

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Keep Reusable Bags

It might sound like something very small, but many states have started to slap on small fees when paying for plastic bags. This cost can eventually add up, but its main purpose is to deter people from actually using these plastic bags because of the waste they generate. To counter this, get yourself a sturdy tote bag and carry that with you when you go shopping.

Change Lightbulbs

If you’re still using fluorescent light bulbs, consider switching to LED or at least using compact fluorescent bulbs that can save you a lot of money and also last up to 10 times as long as typical bulbs. Though it might be expensive to replace all your lights, your wallet will be thankful later!

Switch Cleaners

Many households use toxic chemicals to clean things like floors, bathrooms and the exterior of their home. These harsh chemicals are eventually washed up and either seep into the earth or are flushed into drains. Sadly, these chemical cleaners aren’t friendly to the environment and can pollute the environment, especially when used to clean places outside where the chemicals eventually affect the soil of your garden. Switch to eco-friendly cleaners or consider making your own cleaning products from safer ingredients.

Focus on Energy Efficiency

greener home pull down the blinds

A lot of people don’t realize the impact they have on the environment through wasteful energy usage. For instance, opening the windows to left a breeze in but also having the heating on is wasteful, or failing to plug in any holes that are causing cold air to enter your home can also force you to use your heating more often. Pulling down the blinds and turning the lights on is also wasteful since the sun can give you plenty of light, and leaving your devices on standby instead of turning them off can also save you money and help the environment in the long run.

Look For Wooden Furniture

A lot of furniture we purchase is made in factories and uses materials that aren’t very friendly to the environment. If you’re planning on a renovation or moving out, then consider elegant wooden furniture that is both stunning to look at and environmentally friendly. It might cost a little more, but you’re also getting a better product.

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