Unconventional Ways You Can Help Save the Planet

With many scientists predicting that our planet’s temperature will continue to rise over the next few years, it’s clear that we all need to do as much as we can to stop this. But other than buying a reusable water bottle and turning off the lights, what else can be done? Take a look at these small changes you can make so we can be one step closer to a greener planet.

Try Veganism

Recently, it’s been almost impossible to avoid the surge of veganism that appears to be taking over the internet, with many claims that going vegan is one of the best ways to save the planet. Immediately upon hearing the word ‘vegan’, many people shut off and claim they can’t do it, they won’t do it and label it as ridiculous. However, there is truth in the claims that conventional farming does cause pollution, but being a vegan it is not for everyone.

Going vegan is not only animal-friendly, but it contributes massively to the planet. So, what if you don’t like the idea of veganism, and don’t feel it’s for you? Well, there are small changes you can make in your diet that will help.

Something as simple as cutting down red meat consumption or swapping to alternative milk such as almond or coconut milk that can actually make a huge difference to the planet, without dramatically changing your lifestyle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Everything

We are all aware just how vital it is for us to recycle things, and over the past few years, the UK has become a nation of recyclers (yay!). With food packaging and shampoo bottles comes clear recycling labels and symbols, telling us exactly what we have to do. However, what happens to things that don’t come with that label and household items we haven’t even considered recycling?

It may surprise you to know that larger household items such as old sofas and worn out mattresses are often thrown into a skip, purely because they’re difficult to get rid of. This leads to a build-up of these in landfill.

But there is another way. Yes, we can recycle our old mattresses. A great way to do this is by using this handy tool, which allows you to find the best way to recycle your mattress anywhere in the UK. Simply type in your postcode to find your nearest collection service.

If you buy a new mattress from Happy Beds, the old mattress will be collected from your home and taken somewhere where it can be recycled, meaning you’re doing your part for the planet without even leaving your home.

Rather than throwing away furniture you no longer want, consider giving it away. You may no longer want it, but someone else will.

There are lots of little changes we can make in our day to day lives that can have a huge impact on our planet. Consider what you’re eating – can it be swapped for something more environmentally friendly? And before throwing things away – think. Could your old bed be of use to someone else? If we all start to make these small changes, we can make a massive difference.

What are doing to help save our planet and stop the pollution of our environment? Do you recycle, reuse, and reduce everything you can?

If you have any ideas or tips on how we can help reduce pollution and save our planet please leave them in the comment section below.

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