Swim Your Way To Better Health The Natural Way This Summer

Health benefits of swimming
Its summer time when we enjoy outdoor sports, fun in the sun, and for many of us swimming is an important part of our summer activities! Swim your way to better health the natural way this summer and reap the benefits all year-long. 

Water consumes roughly 71% of the planet and makes up nearly two-thirds of the human body. Among the obvious uses, needs and ecology sustained by water, fitness probably isn’t typically one of the first ways you’d think to apply its properties.

Swimming is sometimes referred to as aquatic exercises or hydro-workouts, exercising in water results in a full body workout without over-stressing joints or muscles. Are you interested in learning more? I’ve got some information and tips to help you swim your way to a healthier you.

 Health Benefits of Water Exercises:

  • Water exercises are easy and practical. First, the water’s natural resistance and buoyancy allows for low impact movement and drastically reduces the possibility of injury or muscle strain, making it perfect for everyone, including anyone at a higher risk of injury or working to rehabilitate a specific muscular function.
  • Aquatic exercises are great for osteoporosis and arthritis sufferers because the water all-but eliminates pressure on bones and joints. But don’t misunderstand; someone in good overall health and physical shape will also benefit from exercising in water, as its resistance to movement in every direction is ideal for strength training and muscle conditioning.
  • Exercising in water also helps your heart function more efficiently. The hydrostatic pressure of water pushes equally against your body and helps blood to flow back to your heart, resulting in decreased blood pressure and a lower BPM, as significant as 10-15 beats lower per minute.
  • Water also helps to keep your overall body temperature cooler during a workout than one would experience on land.

Exercise At Home

If you’re ready to take advantage of your personal or communal pool, make sure you have everything you need and that the pool is operating properly. Investing in a buoyancy belt, water weights and one or two resistance bands before getting started can be very helpful to obtain maximum benefits. Check out some of the different aquatic exercise routines, like this fat-busting routine or opt for something lower intensity like this regime provided by the Mayo clinic.

Remember to always stay hydrated (just because you’re exercising in water doesn’t mean you’re keeping your body hydrated!), especially if temperatures are high. Regular aquatic exercise in partnership with a healthy, well-balanced diet (that includes plenty of organic and local harvest fruits and vegetables), will quickly improve your body’s overall endurance, muscle mobility and strength.

After Pool Care

Prolonged swimming in chlorine has a drying effect on both the body’s skin and hair. It can be especially drying and damaging to those who color their hair, making it even more important for you to follow-up your swim session with the proper care.

For Your Hair

If you have sensitive hair, or you’re worried about any long-term damage, it may be worth it to invest in a swim cap. Otherwise, hair oil products (or you can simply use organic cold pressed raw coconut oil or organic raw cold pressed olive oil) to replenish your hair after your swim. Be sure to always rinse your hair with fresh water if you don’t intend to immediately shower. A herbal or organic leave-in conditioner will also help to combat dryness and keep your locks shiny and hydrated.

For Your Skin

Shea butter, organic coconut oil, or a similar moisturizer should be used after your shower, after you swim. Introduce a natural salt scrub into your routine once or twice a week to eliminate any dry or dead skin. If you’re using a facility outdoors, be sure to use  always wear waterproof sunscreen that is organic and toxic-free from chemicals and reapply as instructed.

For important information about sunscreen and some DIY toxic free sunscreen recipes please check out “Enjoy The Sunshine The Green Way!”

Natural Safe Alternatives to Conventional Chlorine:

To continue on your green and healthy lifestyle try a safe alternative to Chlorine swimming pools that have been linked to many health risks. Please check out — gochemless.com  and/or Good Housekeeping Natural Swimming Pools.

 Regular exercise is so important to living a healthy and green lifestyle and swimming not only has many health benefits but can be so much fun for the whole family. Your family and friends can enjoy time in the pool together playing games and bonding emotionally and mentally while building a healthy body and lifestyle. So go ahead and swim yourself to health the natural, organic, and green way!

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