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Start your day the healthy way with a probiotic breakfast. Probiotics are an important step to having a healthy digestive and immune system and keeping them balanced can help ensure a happy, healthy disease free life. Probiotics can be the key to fighting many diseases and ailments, such as allergies, dysbiosis, and to living a longer healthier life. I have a tasty recipe for a wonderful probiotic breakfast that can help heal or keep you on the road to a healthier life!

My doctor tells me the second brain is in the gut – remember what they say “go with your gut feeling.”  If you gut is out of balance it will affect every function of your body in one or the other, so listening the to your gut and taking care of it is the smart thing to do.

Probiotics and herbs are excellent for supporting beneficial bacteria and combating yeasts. This recipe is great way to combat the negative effects of antibiotics or if you have had a weekend of unhealthy eating; this breakfast can help get you back on track to a healthier you. Probiotics is the key to a healthy gut help to fight allergies and a multitude of other conditions that plague so many children and adults this days. (Check out“Why You Need Those Friendly Guys in Your Body–Probiotics?”)

Probiotic Breakfast

  •  1 large fresh garlic clove
  • 1 tablespoon each fresh dill leaves and marigold (calendula) petals
  • 1 Fluid ounce aloe vera juice
  • 2 teaspoons each fresh marjoram and thyme
  • 17 ounces of organic yogurt or homemade raw yogurt (recipe for homemade raw yogurt) that contain live yogurts cultures

Directions: Chop or tear the herbs and add them to a bowl of yogurt, then stir in the aloe vera juice.

For a pleasant change you can add some organic fresh fruit, hempseed, chia seed or any combination that you choose to gain a wealth of health.

Garlic (read “That Amazing Healing Herb — Called Garlic!”), calendula, dill, basil and marjoram are excellent for combating pathogenic micro-organisms and are also good digestive herbs. They help clear toxins from the digestive tract that accumulate from food, environment toxins, prescription medication and the many other toxins from our toxic world. Aloe Vera is so soothing and all these herbs have powerful immune-enhancing properties that will help combat dysbiosis whether it is from parasites, yeast overgrowth, or any other unhealthy imbalance in your gut.

You can enjoy this yogurt daily or if you work at a job that you are in close contact with other people and are worried about the strong smell of garlic you can just use the garlic on the weekend and use the other herbs. Dill weed, marjoram, thyme are pleasant tasting and aromatic.

Nature provides us with many natural healing plants and herbs to live a healthy and green lifestyle. It is a true gift that God has provided for us. It is our choice to utilize the natural healing power of Nature and food to give our bodies both a way to stay healthy and to heal.


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    Thanks for linking up to the Natural Living Monday and Healthy Meal Planning linkup! I need more probiotics in my diet.

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    Wow, this looks really healthy, but I don’t know if I can handle garlic in the morning! It’s such an intense, savory flavor. Was it hard for you to get used to eating it in the morning?

    1. Hi Viva,
      Yes garlic does have an overwhelming taste to that takes a while to get used to. A good way to get used to the taste of garlic is by starting off with a small amount and building it up slowly to the amount that is tolerable taste wise. Try adding just a pinch at first and add a little more each day or as you can tolerate. Have a healthy happy weekend. Marla

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