Uncommon Yet Effective Ways In Finding An Online Dispensary Canada

Today, online dispensaries in Canada are employing creative ways to reach their customers. As a customer looking for medical marijuana, it only seems logical to find similar ways to reach online suppliers.

Social media and digital marketing have endowed businesses with an affordable method to widen their reach, making it even simpler for customers to connect with suppliers namely Xpress Grass. Here are some unique yet proven effective ways to find an online:

Social Media

Online dispensaries are already on various social media platforms mainly to increase their brand awareness, and this is your best bet in finding one for your needs. If you are already familiar with multiple platforms, you know that looking for events or sellers of cannabis is pretty straightforward.

However, some pages that promoted cannabis on Facebook and other social media giants have been shut down. Some of these bans were even done without any explanation of how these businesses might be able to get back into action. Also, you might not be that proud to connect with these businesses through social media for fear of being judged.

This is where some social media platforms come into play. They mainly cater to cannabis businesses and enthusiasts alike. Sites such as Social High and MassRoots are providing cannabis clients with a place to quickly – and usually anonymously – connect with businesses.

A lot of these social media platforms for weed enthusiasts would require that visitors are at least 21 years old or that they are indeed a medical marijuana patient. These sites are also only accessible in certain states where weed is already legal.
A lot of these platforms are similar to the common ones as they also have a “wall”, which Social High calls “WeedCast”, but instead of “friends” they have “buddies” or “buds”.


Some existing dispensary websites maintain blogs that serve as a wealth of information for cannabis lovers. These brands usually leave a link on their social media accounts that you can follow. These blogs may be helpful in leading customers to their stores and to other businesses that cater to a similar audience. Consumers can also check out these blogs for related information on cannabis and marijuana consumption.

finding cannabis

Forums & Apps

You can find insider forums and apps that are geared towards cannabis lovers with various needs. Some are for fun while others are mainly for people with severe health conditions. Some of these websites are made especially for a particular group of people such as travelers, professionals or photography enthusiasts. New platforms are also popping up now and then especially with the successful legalization of marijuana.

Cannabis Websites

If you are interested in finding websites that not only lead to online dispensaries near you but also offer substantial information on medical marijuana, you can always check out Massroots and Leafly. These websites provide factual information on different strains of medical marijuana. You can also check out these websites to know the best strains for the desired effects you want to attain or for your medical condition. These websites also offer information on concentrates such as waxes, oils or shatters. They also share information on edible cannabis products if you’re interested.

Stoner Magazines

If you still don’t find what you want, you have more options to explore because you are lucky to live in the internet age. Stoner magazines have already gone digital and are even joined by newer online magazines.

Some of these include:

  • The Merry Jane
  • The Cannabist
  • High Times
  • Cannabis News

These digital magazines offer not only information about the ever-growing stoner culture, but they also have ad spaces for dispensaries, some of which provide door-to-door delivery of cannabis products.

Marijuana Organizations

These organizations offer safety information related to cannabis use as well as help in finding the right products for your medical condition. They can also provide content on how to find online dispensaries near you. Most of these organizations have already joined social media, and there is no reason not to find them immediately.

The internet has given access to a limitless amount of information otherwise not available in the past. Finding an online dispensary today is almost no different than ordering pizza. However, it is always best to consult a medical professional before you indulge in recreational marijuana or try to treat specific health concerns.

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