What You Need to Know Before Throwing Things Away

We’re currently locked in a paradigm where you want to declutter your home to get rid of anything and everything that doesn’t “bring you joy,” but you also want to make sure you aren’t adding to the issue of sustainability. How do you combine the two worlds?

Be strategic when you get rid of your unused or unwanted items. To get you started>>>

Here are five things you need to know before throwing things away:

1. Are you really ready to throw it out?

While asking yourself this may seem counterproductive, (the point is to get rid of clutter, after all), you don’t want to go a little too declutter-crazy and have to purchase the items all over again. Truly evaluate the items you may want to get rid of before you toss it in the green pile. Will you need it again in the next year? Why did you buy it in the first place? Can you picture yourself buying this again? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you may want to keep it.

2. Can you upcycle it?

Think about items that you may need in your home. Can anything you’re considering getting rid of be upcycled to serve a new purpose? Think about how you could repurpose an item before throwing it away—it could provide another valuable function to your home that you didn’t previously consider. Be reasonable with this decision: if it isn’t something you truly need, consider donating it or doing the upcycle work yourself then trying to sell it.

what to consider before throwing anything away

3. Can you make money off of it?

You’d be surprised at how many gems you have in your home that you can make some extra cash on. With so many resale websites available, post your items that are in good condition for sale before you toss them in the green pile. Lately, you can sell anything from clothes, books, household items, and even lawn equipment for a decent price. Usually, the buyer will even come to your home to collect the items. You may walk away with some vacation money after this!

4. Can the item be donated?

If you’re unable to sell your items for money, see if they’re in good enough condition to give away or donate. Many organizations will take items that are in less than ideal condition to sell at thrift markets for a small price. This should essentially get rid of a large number of items you’re looking to declutter. Do some research on local charitable organizations that are willing to come and pick up the items for you.


5. What can be composted or recycled?

You’d be surprised at how much household items can be composted or recycled. Everything from wood, plastics, fabrics, and glass can be composted or recycled. Even certain stone materials can be recycled by manufacturing plants. Do some research on local recycling plants that take certain materials. They may even be willing to pick up the items for you.

So the next time you clean out your closet, are trying to declutter your home, or before you throw anything out make sure you consider all of the 5 tips and ideas above. Remember our future and our children future depend on what we do today in every aspects of our lives. We need to consider how pollution affects our planet and in so many negative ways. Every small item that we do not put into the overflowing landfills is a step to helping save our environment and planet. It can help give our children a healthy future instead of a polluting world filled with toxins.

Do you have any suggestions, tips or ideas that might be helpful? Please share them in the comment section below.

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