Why You Should Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

There is so much in the news about going green and using eco-friendly products, but what exactly is green cleaning? Green cleaning refers to cleaning with products that are eco-friendly and actually good for the environment. They were designed to protect human health, as well as the health of our planet.

Here are 4 compelling reasons to get rid of those toxic cleaners and start green cleaning today!

1. Help Protect the Environment

When using conventional cleaning products you are releasing harmful chemicals into the air, causing pollution to our waterways and air. These products also damage the ozone layer and effect global climate changes. Basically they are harming the beautiful world that we live in. By using green cleaning products you are doing your best to help protect the environment and reduce the damage caused by chemical pollution.

2. Make Your Home a Healthier Place

There are tremendous health benefits associated with green cleaning. By going green you are protecting your family from the harsh chemicals that get absorbed on their skin and inhaled by the person doing the cleaning. Research shows that that some harsh cleaning products actually trigger asthma, these include bleach and ammonia, as well as amines which are commonly found in general purpose cleaners, among others.

3. Home Safety

When reading the warning labels on many cleaning products you will often see the words: toxic! Or flammable! There is good reason they put these warning on the label; some of these products can be extremely dangerous if exposed to skin or if they are ingested. People can receive severe burns that require immediate medical attention, and even hospitalization from coming in contact with these toxic cleaners. If I were you I would want to steer clear of these products and avoid bringing them into my home all together. Why put our loved ones at risk when there are safer options out there?

4. Save Money

Did you know you can clean your home with things that you already have in your pantry?

And you know what?

Your house will be just as clean, or even cleaner!

Make sure to have:

  • white vinegar
  • natural salt
  • baking soda
  • lemon
  • hydrogen peroxide

and you are basically set. For example, you can clean your glass and mirrors with some white vinegar mixed with water for a beautiful shine.

You can even make your own DIY natural fabric softener:

  • mix 1 part vinegar with 2 part water and
  • add ¼ of a cup of the solution

to the final rinse cycle, and you will have deliciously soft clothing.

If you have one of the new washers that does not allow you to open the lid while your washing a load of clothes another great natural and healthy alternative is using organic lambs wool dryers balls that you just put in your dryer.  You can buy about 6 balls for approximately $20 and they will last you for over a thousand loads of wash. They will soften your clothes, help to remove static, and help your clothes dry faster. You can even use your favorite essential oil and put a few drops on the wool balls for an sweet aromatic scent.  You can buy them on line or in many stores that carry bed and bath items. They are a wonderful alternative to toxic fabric softened and are eco-friendly, save you money on your energy bill, and are healthy for the whole family.

There are a plethora of recipes out there for natural cleaning products that are extremely easy to make and cost effective. But, if you prefer to buy ready-made green cleaning products, you will find a large selection in your local store. And the cost of environmental friendly cleaning products is quite competitive as more and more green products hit the market.

eco-friendly and green cleaning

And when cleaning with natural cleaners you will not be compromising on cleanliness. For example, if you work in a hospital and have to disinfect your medical uniform, you still can the green way! Just add a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle, or add some natural pine oil to your wash cycle for a natural and effective way to remove dangerous bacteria from your clothing.

After reading all the above I think anyone would be ready to make the switch. But why are there still so many people using toxic and harmful chemical cleaning products? The answer is simple: people are just not knowledgeable on this topic. Their lives are so busy, and they are constantly in a rush, so they just order their Fantastic, Windex, and Lysol online along with their groceries.

Awareness is the key here. If people would be aware of the dangers found in these products, and the benefits of going green they would be more than happy to make the change. So, let your friends and neighbors know about this important topic and let’s make our world a greener and healthier place for all!

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