4 Tips to Create a Full-Tech, Sustainable Smart Home

The smart home has come a long way since the invention of the first engine-powered vacuum in 1901, says IoT Evolution. Refrigerators, appliances and so much more followed in the coming decades. Today’s smart homes are powered with set-it-and-forget-it functionality that can do more than save us time and money, but make our homes more sustainable. From the right security camera systems to reducing energy consumption, here are four tips to create a full-tech, sustainable smart home.

Get the right security camera system

Installing the right home security monitoring system isn’t just about creating a robust smart home, it also protects your technology, gadgets and personal property. Lorex offers a wide variety of security camera systems, recorders, and cameras that do no require a professional installer. Once installed, you can just monitor everything from your smartphone whether you’re upstairs getting ready for bed or across the world on vacation.

Make your windows smarter

Installing the right windows can save as much as $465 in a year simply be replacing single-pane windows with ENERGY Star-qualified windows and other options. You can opt for ENERGY Star windows, or take it to the next level and opt for smart window technology. Electrochromic windows can transform from clear to dark with the push of a button. This helps you keep your home dim during peak sunlight hours or bright and airy during winter months to let in more sunshine.

Customize your lawn watering

Water conservation is on the forefront of homeowners minds, as well as anyone who is environmentally conscious. Even if the law doesn’t have strict rules about watering, a smart irrigation system can help customize your watering. The Rachio smart irrigation controller can set intuitive schedules, pause certain zones of your lawn that simply don’t need watering and can be run remotely. You end up saving money, water and give your lawn the water it needs when it needs it.

Reduce your energy consumption

Have you ever wondered exactly how much energy your home is actually consuming? Smappee gives you real-time updates of each appliance and gadget of your home by figuring out their own unique electronic signature of everything in your home. Homeowners can watch the energy consumption directly on their smartphone so you know what to turn off before leaving for work, or get an idea if it’s time to upgrade that old fridge that’s sucking up energy. It’s also possible to pair Smappee with smart plugs so you can turn on and off electronics and gadgets when you’re away from home. Just look at Smapee to see if you forgot to unplug a curling iron or other device and turn it off with the help of a smart plug connected to your smartphone.

With hundreds of smart home gadgets and technology on the market, it can be difficult to figure out where to start your journey. Look to the areas of your home that can save you the most time, money and energy, and slowly create the smart home of your dreams.

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