Five Foods to Cut out of Your Diet for Optimal Health


Five Foods to Cut out of Your Diet for Optimal Health

In this millennium, a health craze is spreading across every nation. Everyone is struggling to eat well and exercise to achieve optimal health. As a result, diet has become an integral part of this quest to get healthier. Part of it is to know the right food to eat and the ones to eliminate. Getting rid of these five unhealthy foods will ensure you live a happier and healthier life throughout your existence.

White Bread

They are many reasons why you should skip white bread for good. According to experts, white bread has little nutritional value since it is mainly made of refined grain. The grain is stripped off of its bran and germ, the elements rich in fiber and vitamins. White bread lacks proteins and fiber which help reduce the rate of digestion. As a result, it is rapidly digested and absorbed which leads to increase in blood sugar levels. The rise in the blood sugar occurs in a spiking manner. Irritability is one of the symptoms caused by a spike in sugar blood sugar levels.

Fried Foods

Fried foods can be delicious and you might be tempted to keep them part and parcel of the food storage set in your house. However, they are very unhealthy. Foods such as the French fries and onion rings offer little in nutrition but contributes more when it comes to putting you at risk to certain health conditions. Fried foods contain a lot of fat and trans fat that increase the risk of developing high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis. You are also at risk of developing certain cancers and obesity.

If you can’t part ways with fried foods, then ensure you use unsaturated oils such as organic cold-pressed olive oil, organic coconut oil, and organic sunflower oil to fry food. Try baking them in the oven or grilling them – you will be amazed at the flavor enhancement and you might never want to go back to fried foods again. 


Soft cheese contain Listeria, a disastrous bacteria to unborn babies. According to World Health Organization, Listeria causes a condition known as Listeriosis which can cause miscarriage, premature birth, severe illnesses and even death of the unborn baby. Therefore, soft cheese is not good during pregnancy. Infants should not take soft cheese because they are also vulnerable to this bacteria. That is why you won’t get a trace of soft cheese in any infant adoption center because they are harmful. The bacteria present in cheese can also cause flu-like symptoms in adults.

However, when made from organically raised animals, cheese are considered safe. Whenever you buy, don’t forget to read the label and make sure it is pasteurized real organic cheese.

White Rice

Rice is a common food often served along meat dishes. However, most people are unaware that the nutritional value of rice solely depends on the type of rice. We have two kinds of rice, white rice and brown rice. Eating a white rice is just like eating a white bread because it has no nutritional value in it. It only speeds up digestion and encourages the body to store excess fat making it difficult to lose weight. White rice also has a low fiber content . We know a high fiber diet reduces constipation and keep us full longer hence reducing the likelihood of overeating.

People should opt for brown rice which has a high fiber content. Studies reveal that brown rice has the plant lignans which reduces the risk of developing heart disease. According to many recent studies arsenic had been found in many different types of rice but according to  Consumer Reports the healthiest brown rice is Brown Basmati from California, India, or Pakistan. So check labels carefully and check the origin of your rice before purchasing.

Sugary Cereals

American eating trend reports show that ready to eat cereals account for 80% of all breakfasts. 90% of these cereals are rich in sugary products which have a huge potential of causing health crisis in an individual. Sugary cereals are also made of chemicals that add to the flavor of the product. These chemicals can be potentially dangerous to your health hence, you should cut down on them as much as possible. Many cereals grains also are highly processed and genetically modified that causes much health concerns. Look for the GMO free and organic label.

Take a  moment and rethink your food options if you want to live a healthy life and live longer. The foods mentioned above can be instrumental in destroying your health and should be avoided as much as possible. In case you can’t avoid them completely, there are numerous healthier alternatives. Check out some delicious and nutritious superfoods for super health!

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  4. These foods have been on my DO NOT CONSUME list for a long time. I am still trying to convince some of my family members! So many illnesses can be traced back to over-consumption of these 5 foods. I am delighted that you shared these “Five Foods to Cut out of Your Diet for Optimal Health!” with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Thank you for sharing my article. Glad to hear that you don’t consume any of these foods. I understand what you mean about family members – you can advise them but it s there decision to make the changes. Have a healthy happy & blessed week. Marla

  5. Sadly whether cheese is organic or not has no bearing on it’s likelihood to contain Listeria. As you rightly said, one of the first things to look for is that it’s pasteurised as that is one of the best controls. Some cheeses will always be more vulnerable though and are sensible to avoid when pregnant particularly.

    1. Being organic does make it healthy, but you are right about the pasteurization and avoiding some cheeses (soft) if you are pregnant. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day. Marla

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