Total Fitness Tips for Beating your Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction has been a cause for concern because of the possible dangers and health risks that come with it. Obesity, Diabetes and cancer are some diseases linked to excessive sugar consumption. The greatest solution to avoid such conditions is to lessen sugar intake as early as now. Below are some tips for beat sugar addiction that is provided by nutrition inspector  and to help sugar, taking over your life.7e62d1c4-ab1b-4f8a-bfee-7a1f2d0dd4bf

1. Commitment

Beating the sugar addiction, without the commitment, will never be easy. It takes mind conditioning and focus to make it a success. It is a very challenging task, but with the right mind and commitment, the challenges up ahead will easily be overcome.

2. Keep it out of your pantry

If you are consciously aware of the existence of a sugary treat in your pantry, best to throw them out or give them away as soon as possible. No matter how much you try to avoid looking at them, you will eventually eat them in time. So, to avoid the temptation, keep them out and never replenish.

3. Find and keep hidden sources of sugar

It is always best to check out the nutritional value of everything you buy in the grocery store. Almost all processed foods contain sugar in them and usually at very great amounts. Some examples are carton beverages, catsup, health bars, and sauces. All contain high amounts of sugar that you may not even be aware of. So, getting to know your food items better will save you from having unnecessary sugar in your system.

4. Eat food high in magnesium and chromium

Eating foods high in magnesium can help cut the sugar cravings., as it can also be attributed to magnesium deficiency. Foods like green leafy vegetables, raw cacao, avocados, quinoa and brown rice are all rich in magnesium. They can supply you with the magnesium your body needs and to eventually lessen your sugar cravings. Chromium also helps reduce sugar cravings. Foods such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, apples, whole grains are great sources of chromium. It is also said to regulate cholesterol and sugar levels, too.

5. Supplement with amino acid L-Glutamine

The amino acid L-Glutamine is said to reduce sugar cravings. A daily dose of this can help you cut back or avoid sugar altogether. It also helps heal and strengthen the digestive tract and boosts the immune system.

6. Include protein with every meal

Proteins have a greater satiety value , so having them in your meals would satisfy you and stop you from craving for something sweet. It also prevents your body from secreting so much insulin. To prevent insulin spikes from happening, it should be secreted sooner. This is where protein comes in as it is able to trigger a first phase insulin response wherein it prevents the blood sugar to rise. This results to a lower level of insulin needed when you eat a meal.

7. Sip wine with dinner

Liver converts fat and proteins into glucose, which adds up to your glucose stores from the carbohydrate-rich foods that you’ve eaten. But, sugar can be prevented from being produced in the liver through drinking wine. The same goes with other alcoholic beverages like beer, or hard liquor. Alcohol temporarily blocks the liver’s sugar production, resulting in a much lower blood sugar level.

8. Move your body.

Exercise helps put off sugar cravings by releasing endorphins. These are feel good chemical in the brain that helps turn off your cravings for chocolates and other sugar-loaded treats. Taking a walk is also a good exercise to keep your mind off the tempting food.

There are many healthy alternatives that can help satisfy your sweet cravings without the health risks of processed sugar – such as local raw honey, organic stevia, organic maple syrup, organic coconut sugar, and pure unprocessed cane sugar. 

You sometimes need to make sacrifices in order to be in optimum health. One such sacrifice is beating the sugar cravings. This is not at all easy specially when you’ve grown accustomed to having them. But with focus and commitment, anything is possible. 

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