Weight Loss Secrets that Work

To lose weight and secure the result, follow the four main rules of effective weight loss.

We live in a world where a cup of coffee (even the smallest) can cost you 450 calories, and a football-sized sandwich stuffed with thousands of calories is considered the norm. Even home-cooked food can get out of control.

Studies have shown that over the past 70 years, the average number of calories in the dishes of the cookbook the Joy of Cooking has increased from 268 to 437 (per serving). Perhaps the reason for the increased size of the portions themselves?

How do you lose weight, being in modern society?

Weight lost tips

So, four secrets that will help to achieve this goal:

Secret 1: Plan Ahead

What to cook for dinner? Instead of driving you crazy, thinking about food should be fun. Plan a dinner that you’ll be looking forward to. Deciding what you will have dinner, and think about the rest of the meals.

According to research, a planned menu for the whole day really helps to lose weight. Perhaps the reason is that in this way you use more useful products and eat food in a timely manner. Knowing in advance what will happen for lunch, you will not spend 6-7 hours without food-a situation that usually ends with overeating. First of all, decide how many calories to consume: 1500 calories a day usually leads to a loss of 0.5−1 kg per week.

If this is not quite right for you, determine the desired number of calories itself. Your current weight (kg) x 26.4 = calories/day needed to maintain a given weight.

To lose 0.5 kg per week: take away 500 calories / day.
To lose weight 1 kg in a week: cut 1,000 calories/day. However, don’t go below 1200 calories: with so little food, it’s hard to get all the nutrients you need.

Secret 2: Don’t Underestimate The Serving Size

The best skill that will come in handy when losing weight is to determine the size of the portions. Studies show that almost everything: full and thin, nutritionists and ordinary people, downplay the amount of food consumed by 20-40%.

balanced diet

Three tips for determining the size of portions without using measuring cups:

  • Compare: 85 g of meat is almost equal to the weight of a deck of cards, the average potato-a computer mouse, and ¼ Cup-a Golf ball.
  • Use hands: for thin-boned women: 1 teaspoon is almost equal to the upper phalanx of the thumb, 1 tablespoon-the whole thumb, and 1 Cup – fist.
  • Measure once: at home you use the same dishes over and over again. Find out how roomy it is. Measure the amount of soup in the ladle: if it’s ¾ cups, remember that two ladles are equal to 1 ½ servings. You can also adjust the size of the portions of your favorite food and serve it in the same dish. When you remember that a portion of cereal takes half a bowl, you will know how much to pour next time.

Secret 3: Balanced Diet

Of course, proper nutrition is more important than counting calories. By reducing the portions, you also reduce the amount of nutrients, so it is extremely important to make your diet of healthy and healthy food.

Balanced diet

Five foods for a balanced diet:
  • whole grains,
  • fruits and vegetables,
  • lean meat,
  • low-fat dairy products,
  • healthy fats.

Secret 4: Farewell to Your Mistakes

You planned all the meals, snacks and treats. You weren’t supposed to feel left out and pounce on pizza, but guess what – that’s what happened. It happens. Planning helps but does not guarantee absolute success. Do not give up after the first failure and have everything.

The key to overcoming missteps is to forgive yourself, forget and move on. Guilt promotes overeating. Don’t brag about your diet – it’s a waste of time, better stick to it. Do not punish yourself by reducing portions, so you will never have a love for a healthy lifestyle. Make a weekly plan of delicious dishes based on calorie control, follow it, and you will be satisfied and happy.

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