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My name is Marla. I just want to tell you a bit about who I am!

My mission is to educate you and to have a website that will provide recipes and information that will help you make healthier choices and make a safer world for all of us to live in now and for future generations.  I want to help you make the right choices — it’s so important in cleaning products, clothing, cosmetics, air cleaners, filters for our water, vitamins, detoxify items, and cosmetics. I love DIY products and they are so economical.

Since I have suffered from Environment Illness or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), for 20 years or more it has given me the first hand knowledge on what chemicals and pollution can do to your health. I know how important is to clean up our environment.

So come join me and read my blog. I promise to give the best information possible.

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My story is as unique as every other person that has MCS. There is no specific reasons or  answers. I can’t tell you when, why, or how my immune system broke down and all the intolerance’s to so many chemicals, foods and allergen occurred.  I just know one physical issue lead to another.

There is no easy answer or specific treatment that works to cure you. It just a matter of working at it everyday and trying to be healthy. It starts with cleaning up your environment starting with you house and of making it safe for you and your family! Whether it is getting rid of carpet (which I definitely had to do), getting a good air cleaner, having dust covers on your mattress, using truly natural, organic products and living a green lifestyle.

Eating as healthy as you can which means staying away from processed foods, eating preservative and dye free foods as much as possible, and definitely no GMO’s. Mostly you need to be aware that you body is a temple and you need to treat it as God meant it to be – with the best care you can give it.

I believe with all my heart that so many of the disease we have today have to do with our polluted environment and the chemicals that surround us everyday. We put them in and on our bodies without even realizing how it affects us or other people around us.

Our water has become so polluted from chemical plants and waste that we have dumped in our oceans and rivers.  We use plastics that have toxic chemicals in like BPA (bisphenol A). We have so many scented products that contain chemicals that poison our bodies slowly and make many people sick.  We spray pesticides on our food that contaminate our organs and our foods are polluted with GMO’s that we haven’t yet begun to know the full extent of the damage or dangers that can occur within our bodies or the environment.

From all this pollution and contamination life for some individuals can never be the same.  You also could end up living in an isolated world and never be able to live a  normal functioning lifestyle or even keep a job.

I believe that we can clean up our environment, but it will take time.  Rome was not built-in a day nor can we make our world safe in one day!  Each one of us needs to do our part to make it safe for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and all future generations. We can only do it one day at a time and one step at a time!

Please join me in “Saving Our Planet Earth”,  “Go Green”, & “Organic” to Live A Healthier Life!

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