Recycling Containers: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Ones

If you’re devoted to recycling and know how recycling helps our planet, you already know how important it is to have the right recycle containers. These containers come in various sizes and designs and choosing the right ones can save you a lot of space and a lot of time. If you can’t lease the containers where you live, it is always possible to purchase some; however, instead of rushing out and buying the first ones that you see, below are five tips that you should consider before you make your purchase.

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1. Are They Attractive?

If it is your school or even your office that is doing the recycling, you’ll want containers that look good. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive ones out there but they should at least look good so that students or co-workers are more likely to participate in the recycling program. You can often find these containers with school mascots or company logos printed on them, making them even more eye-catching and increasing the participation rate.

2. What Are the Containers Made of?

If you’re planning on using the recycle containers for a long time, you’ll need ones that are sturdy and well built so that you’re not constantly replacing them. Recycled plastic bins and bins made out of mould-injected plastic tend to last the longest because they are nice and thick and can withstand a lot of abuse. Even if they’re a little more expensive in the beginning, you’ll get a lot more for your money over time.

3. Pay Close Attention to the Size

Naturally, you don’t want a container that is too large or too small so consider beforehand what types of items you’ll be storing in the bins and buy accordingly. This is especially important if you have limited space however, even if you have all the space in the world, it is best to choose bins of the right size so that they are both accommodating and space-saving every time.

4. How Easy Are They to Handle?

Most recycling bins are easy to handle because they have easy ways to grip them when moving them from one location to another. If you need large containers, you’ll want to make sure that they are easy to move because they could be very heavy once they’re loaded. Even if you plan on keeping them in the same spot month after month, you’ll still have to move them occasionally so they should always be easy to maneuver from one spot to another.

5. Make Sure That It Is Easy to Sort the Materials

In other words, make it simple and fast for people to donate to the recycling effort. Some recycle containers even have separate compartments and slots that make it much easier for people to want to donate to them. Especially with company recycling programs that knows how recycling helps our environment, you have to make it easy for your employees to recycle; otherwise, they’ll simply throw things into the garbage can. You may have to buy separate bins for glass, paper, etc. but this will make it more conducive to those who wish to recycle their used items.

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