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Healthy Habits Addiction Recovery

Healthy Habits for a Sober Lifestyle

Healthy Habits for a Sober Lifestyle Many individuals who struggle with addiction place the importance of a healthy lifestyle to the wayside, because drugs and alcohol seem more important. When starting a new life in recovery, creating a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining long term sobriety. Yoga, meditation, physical exercise, and healthy eating are …

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cortisol and stress

Cortisol and Stress

We’ve all seen the infomercials for weight-loss drugs telling you that there is a connection between cortisol, stress and comfort eating. Those infomercials were based on the book The Cortisol Connection, which explored the connection between stress hormones and emotional eating. But are there benefits to regulating your cortisol levels? Do your cortisol levels have …

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healthy foods

How to Start Eating Healthy Food

Staying healthy comes from the many choices we make every day especially on what we eat as food. Most people don’t know that they could still have healthy foods that are tasty at the same time. They still have the notion that healthy foods are not tasty. All they think about are things like broccoli. …

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