4 Healthy Lifestyle Ideas to Stay Hot During the Winter’s Cold

Ideas to stay Healthy During Winter's Cold

Dark winter days can strip you of your physical, emotional and spiritual health. When the morning sun peeks above the horizon on the crispest of winter days, let that be your motivation to get moving. Keep yourself feeling as sprightly as a spring day by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding complacency with your workout, diet and overall appearance.

1.Yoga, Tai Chi, and Exercise on a Cold Winter’s Day

Create a quiet, warm and well-ventilated space in your home that enables you to practice yoga or Tai Chi without leaving the house. Regular yoga practice benefits your health in a variety—it’s gentler on the body than many other fitness routines, opens muscles and joints to restore lost energy, boosts endorphins and increases blood circulation.

Tai chi is a wonderful form of exercise and relaxation. It is used as a form of meditation with deep breathing combined with a series of slow and graceful movements that can improve the health of your body, mind and spirit.

Indulge in a great-fitting winter workout getup that helps you feel confident and proud of who you are. If your budget allows it try something like Lululemon yoga pants and zip-up jacket to get you excited about your workout. Keeping your body toned makes for a more confident you. Make sure you show that beautiful smile of yours for everyone to see.

2. Dress the Part

Speaking of a more confident and better-looking you, winter clothes tend to be a bit more forgiving with all the layers, coats and scarves. Winter is not a time to hide; it’s a time to shine all the way from the office to going shopping for your family. Keep in mind, layered does not mean sloppy.

Remain cool and confident as you saunter into work wearing a streamlined pencil dress with pockets, covered by a classic trench coat, a colorful scarf to keep the winter cold at bay, and accompanied by a great bag.  If it is within your budget splurge on a soft a cozy organic robe that you can relax in or if you prefer a luxurious Coach handbag that can go from day to night with ease.

3. Set Strategic Reminders

While you may be the most reliable person you know, sometimes Old Man Winter can get the best of you. Thank goodness you set some goal reminders in very strategic places: an index card next to your alarm clock that reads “Three months from now, you will thank yourself;” a sticky note inside your medicine cabinet on which you’ve written, “Suck it up, and one day you won’t have to suck it in;” and a yoga mat sitting right next to your bed with a motivational image reading “Do it for the, ‘Oh wow, you got HOT!’”

4. The Reward is in the Getaway

The reward is usually the best part. If your budget allows it treat yourself to a getaway whether it is just for the weekend or something more lavish. Where do you want to go in early spring? Perhaps a tropical location where you can show off the body you’ve been working so hard for? Maybe you’re drawn to a faraway place to meditate and calm the soul after the hectic holiday season.  You might prefer to hit the mountains, where you can glide down the ski slopes and lounge by the warm lodge fire with your loved one. Maybe just a quick get away to a green spa where you can regenerate your mind, body, and spirit.

So, stick to the plan. Make a commitment to yourself to keep fit, eat healthy and dress for health and confidence, and you’ll come out of the cold alive and on fire. Plan to look your best and glow with health, plan your meals ahead of time, make time to work out and find a buddy to hold you accountable.









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  4. Yes, it can be more difficult to find warmer fashionable clothes but it can be done. It can help keep up your spirit too!

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