7 Health Benefits of Eucalyptus for a Healthier Life

Today’s healthcare environment offers many avenues of therapeutic relief. One such possibility is using natural herbs and concentrates to alleviate symptoms. Eucalyptus has been used for many years as a powerful, therapeutic vehicle for a large variety of health conditions and is one of the best herbs for a healthy life.

There are different ways to apply or intake eucalyptus. This compound is offered in various forms, including leaves, oils, ointments, and sprays. We will talk about 7 of these proven health benefits, attained by using eucalyptus, that could very well be exactly what you were looking for. We will also address the best way to get these wonderful benefits from eucalyptus.

health benefits of Eucalyptus

1. Protects Wounds & Burns

Due to its renowned antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s no surprise that eucalyptus would work well to soothe areas of the body affected by a burn or wound. Not only does it soothe the area, but it also helps to prevent against infection.

The best way to utilize this treatment is to create a topical solution from a skin-friendly eucalyptus essential oil. You would first need to dilute the oil with water, ensuring you do not expose yourself to more than 3.5mL of the essential oil, to prevent from unwanted side effects.

2. Heals Sinus & Allergies

Sinus problems and allergies are a constant worry for some. Eucalyptus is a natural herb for allergies that can offer relief from those discomforts. By its interaction with nasal mucous membranes, stuffiness is chased away. Often times, the effects are comparable to that of menthol as the anti-inflammatory properties are very similar.

To apply eucalyptus for the purpose of relieving sinus and allergy symptoms, steam inhalation is used. Apply a couple drops of eucalyptus essential oil to some hot water and stir. Then, carefully, deeply inhale the steam. In no time, you will feel some relief as the discomforting symptoms start to fade away almost instantly.

3. Effective Hair Lice Remedy

Recent studies conducted by pharmaceutical companies in Australia have found eucalyptus to be as powerful of a treatment for head lice as every other over the counter solution. The reason behind this is that eucalyptus contains properties that make it a natural pesticide and a great insect repellant.

In order to use this treatment you must first obtain a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil (just to name a couple). Then simply add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil into the carrier oil of your choice and thoroughly apply to affected hair and scalp.

4. Treats Inflammation of Asthma & Arthritis

Touching on the anti-inflammatory effects of eucalyptus again, the effects of inhaling vapors extends beyond allergies and sinus irritation. Asthma and even arthritis symptoms can be alleviated with eucalyptus. This is thanks to the combined efforts of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which offer increased circulation and pain relief.

Inhaling the eucalyptus vapors, either in a water solution or otherwise, is the accepted method of achieving asthma and arthritis inflammation relief. Topical application to the chest area has also been shown to be an effective method. The vapors make their way from the chest area, up to the nose.

5. Removes Intestinal Germs & Parasites

Eucalyptus is also utilized as an anthelmintic medicine. This means that it has properties capable of destroying parasitic worms and other internal parasites. When ingested, eucalyptus can prevent many intestinal germs, such as bacterial, microbial, and parasitic.

Be careful when using this method, as ingesting eucalyptus oil can be dangerous when not properly diluted. Carefully measure your drops and dilute with water. Remember to never ingest over 3.5mL of concentrated essential oil as it can prove to be fatal. This type of method should also never be used for a period longer than 12 weeks.

6. Skin Care Treatment & Cleanser

Blemishes on the skin can also be cared for with eucalyptus. The effects have a wide spectrum of applicability, from acne and eczema, to sun spots and aging. Antibacterial properties found within eucalyptus can also help to combat skin infections. Coupled with its anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, eucalyptus makes for a natural and simple, yet powerful and effective, all-purpose skin care product. It is one of best home remedies for healthy skin.

These effects can be attained through topical application on and around the affected areas. It’s important to remember that you must combine eucalyptus essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil, before applying to the skin to prevent irritation.

7. Improves Brain Function & Relieves Mental Exhaustion

Eucalyptus is an effective method booster, proven to help promote better overall mental health. Being that eucalyptus is a stimulant, it has the ability to alleviate mental exhaustion, stress, and mental disorders and to promote mental activity and alertness.

This form of treatment is practiced by inhaling eucalyptus vapors through a method known as, aromatherapy. Due to the fact the eucalyptus is considered a vasodilator, it will relax the blood vessels in your brain, increasing blood circulation. Inhaling the vapor will stimulate your brain to function better and faster, while slowly alleviating your ailments.

Whether you are looking for a new treatment method or a more natural alternative, eucalyptus is a great choice to go with, as it has a powerful, extremely versatile compounds. The above mentioned benefits are only a few of the many health benefits that eucalyptus can offer. From simple skin and hair treatments to more in depth intestinal remedies, it is easy to see the versatility that this compound contains. Plus, it has all sorts of different methods of application which allows you to better utilize its healing properties. If you want to stimulate a healthy mind, body, and soul, give eucalyptus a try.

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  1. Eucalyptus is on of my favourites! We use the oils in baths, our diffuser and in a chest rub for coughs! I had no idea about the mental benefits though, but when I breath it in I always feel more alert:)

    1. Hi Steph,
      Yes Eucalyptus it a all around wonderful herbal remedy multiple health issues and mental health is one of them although it more known for its respiratory benefits. I am so glad to hear that your use natural methods to deal with health issues. Thank for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

  2. Last year while traveling in Bangkok, I was introduced to eucalyptus oil by a local guide. The air pollution in the city caused problems with my asthma in spite of my use of the prescribed medications and wearing a N-95 face mask. Using the vapors of eucalyptus oil provided considerable relief. I don’t travel without it now! Thanks for another great article.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Thank is amazing how something so natural such as Eucalyptus can do you so much good and help you better prescription medications. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day. Happy traveling.

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