8 Benefits Of Lemon Water You Need To Know About!

How many of those famous natural treatments have you been through with the hope of finding the one that will suit your body with no problem? We guess that the answer is a lot. But your body deserves the patience and time in finding new ways that you can help it maintain healthy and strong! However, we do understand that it might be a difficult decision deciding which natural treatment your should try next! And so we are bringing to you the latest news about drinking lemon water every day and these 8 awesome benefits that will make you want to try drinking lemon water right away! Let’s begin, shall we?

What are the nutritional facts of the lemon water?

We all know the lemon to be among the biggest sources of Vitamin C that there are. However, it is almost unbelievable how many of nutrients a fresh lemon puts in a plain glass of water! It packs only 61 calories and 0 fats! It helps you satisfy 187% of the recommended daily doses of Vitamin C! But that is not the only Vitamin that is contained in lemon juice! You can also find Vitamin B6, E, and Folic acid! It also adds a ton of potassium, copper, and magnesium to help your body achieve and maintain its ultimate function! We are guessing that you will not think twice before starting your day with drinking fresh lemon water tomorrow because this is the drink for all of you who are look for a ways to get rid of acne, improve your metabolism, boost your energy levels and more!

What are the 8 benefits of drinking lemon water that you need to know?

  1. A highly efficient rehydration treatment – If you love spending your time at the gym then you are probably in the search for an efficient rehydration drink! We only hope that you skip on all of those energy drinks filled with sugars and what not that promise to rehydrate your body in just a few sips. As you know, when we exercise our body loses electrolytes through our sweat, and that creates a need for our body to replace those electrolytes. But with what? Well, with lemon water of course since as we mentioned previously, the lemon is filled with efficient nutrients! So add a few drops of lemon juice to your water bottle and feel as your body is rehydrating in no time!

  2. Clear your skin – If you are dealing with oily skin, then you are probably just going from trying one skin care product to another with the hope of finding the right one that will put a stop to the common acne breakouts and give your clear, glowing and healthy looking skin! Because it is filled with free radicals, and some antioxidants, lemon water can help clear any acne blemishes and decrease your visible wrinkles to improve your look! And all of this is a result of the powerful ability of the lemon water to detoxicate your body!

  3. Improve your digestion – By drinking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning, will help to improve your digestion through the day, especially your breakfast, enabling your body to process your breakfast more efficiently and absorb all the nutrients to get the head start in the morning! You will also help your body get rid of all the toxins that have been stored through the night.

  4. Boost your brain functions – Drink a glass of lemon water in the morning to make sure that your brain is working with full speed! We mentioned previously that the lemon is among the biggest sources of potassium and potassium is known to boost the brain functions!

  5. Decrease any inflammation – If you are looking for herbal remedies for arthritis, then you might want to try lemon water. Chronic inflammation has been commonly linked to excess acidity levels in the body. And lemon water addresses that problem meaning that it helps decrease the acidity levels in your body which results in the lemon water helping your body to conquer inflammation! So possibly it should help you with your arthritis symptoms.

  6. Protect your eyes – By drinking lemon water, which as we mentioned is filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants, you will help to protect your eyes, improve their function and prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

  7. Stimulate hair growth – It is no secret that lemon water is the key for healthy and fast hair grow. By keeping your follicles and roots healthy, the lemon water will stimulate the healthy grow of strong and glowing hair!

  8. It promotes weight loss – We have saved the best for last We know that as the summer is approaching, we are all looking for some tricks that will help us lose those unwanted pounds that we all have added through the winter! So here is a healthy trick for you! Use lemon water and make your dreams of having a nice toned body a reality! For the best results, we recommend using warm water with a few drops of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey! Remember to drink this amazing remedy every morning before your breakfast and before any drop of coffee for the ultimate effects! You will be thankful for finding this awesome natural remedy in just a few weeks as you see your new body appear in the mirror!


Are you worried that you will never lose those few extra pounds and body fat until the beginning of summer? Or are you worried that you will never find a skin care product that will help you get a clean, glowing skin with no trace of acne? Or do you maybe suffer from bad digestion? Whatever your problem seem to be, we have an answer to it, and it is known as lemon water! Use this amazing natural remedy to give your whole body the boost that it needs especially now after all the cold days are behind us!



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  1. Thanks for this article on the benefits of lemon water. This used to be part of my daily routine, but for some reason I stopped doing it (probably travel related.) But this is a perfect reminder to add it back into my day.

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