Aromatherapy: Scents to Help You Sleep


aromatherapy and scents Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool for anyone hoping for a natural remedy. For example, certain scents can be shown to energize, elevate mood or alleviate certain ailments. Aromatherapy can also be a handy natural sleep aid.

Certain scents can promote relaxation and restfulness, others have been shown to help people enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep. While some people might scoff at the idea, studies have shown these sleep remedies work!

For example, did you know that vanilla bean has antidepressant qualities? Studies show it has a positive impact on mood, which creates the perfect environment for sleep. Looking for something a little more concrete? One study found the scent of sandalwood to increase theta brain waves in sleepers, which signifies deep sleep.

For a more comprehensive list of scents that help you sleep, you can check out the below infographic from FragranceX. Each of the 15 scents listed have scientific studies to back up their claims, showing that they can be extremely helpful for those looking for a natural sleeping aid.

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