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Fishing is one of those amazing sports that you can get involved in if you have only a stick, or a ball of string and paperclip. However, for most people who love fishing finding the latest gear and equipment is actually part of the enjoyment of the sport.

There are fishing magazines, fishing books, fishing websites, fishing chatrooms, fishing apps, and fishing shows (the partner of the Prime Minister of New Zealand even had a fishing show). Although fishing can be a great way of supplementing a household’s food budget, most partners of people who are fishing obsessed will quip about the sport costing significantly more than buying fish at the fish market would ever cost. And that’s those who don’t do Deepsea fishing on boats.

Whether fishing is your hobby, your obsession, or you love someone who loves fishing, trying to wade through the type of gear and accessories to find what is going to work best for the fish you want to catch in your area can be a challenge. Hours can be spent enjoying reading the latest fishing gear reviews, but what type of fishing gear do you really need to know about? Reels, rods, lures, bait, boats (and all the boat accessories), and that’s just to start with.

For most anglers though, one of the most important items in their collection of fishing equipment is their rod and reel. Obviously, there are a multitude of combination to go with the huge range of both rods and reels that are available. Although some will be marketed as a more ‘general purpose’ reel, these are really aimed specially at the beginner angler and the what is considered to be ‘general purpose’ will change from area to area, with fishing supply stores tending to simply suggest what they think is the easier rod and reel combination for the most common type of fishing in the area. Rarely, if ever, would you see a reel designed for deep sea fishing classed as a general-purpose reel.

Fishing reel reviews
Top 6 Types of Fishing Reel

In a nice an easy alphabetical order, these are the main fishing reels you need to know about, although within each type is a huge variation. Hopefully you have a good idea of where you will be fishing, what conditions are like and ideally what sort of fish are likely to be found in the area. If not, have a read of some good reviews of both the area and equipment and talk to the experts before buying a rod and reel that could be lost the first time you go out.

Baitcasting Reels

A baitcasting reel is generally only something that experienced anglers are going to be interested in. It is a more complicated type of reel to use but they can allow for a lighter lure and a greater casting distance. So, if you have your casting technique down pat, are looking for new challenges in your currently secret fishing spot, this might just be for you.

Bow Fishing Reels

This is a relatively new type of fishing that has been steadily gaining in popularity lately. Using a compound bow and a specially designed reel most people will take this set up and go fishing from a kayak. It is certainly not an easy way to catch dinner as it requires precision aim rather than luck and bait, but it can undoubtedly develop a sense of pride in your own abilities when you manage to catch one.

Deep Sea Fishing Reels

One of the most exciting types of fishing available, but you are going to ensure that you get the right fishing reel for deep sea fishing more than any other type of fishing. You might end up with a little gurnard or a 1000lb marlin.

Fly Fishing Reels

Whether you are looking at saltwater or fresh water fly fishing will have a bearing on what type of reel you are after. Saltwater rods do tend to be a bit heavier and stronger than fresh water, but there is a wide variation available for both environments.

Ice Fishing Reels

Although you may think of spares when you think of ice fishing, there are also a range of reels available, but each is designed to catch a different type of fish and more suitable for different locations.

Spin cast Fishing Reels

Although spin cast reels have been around since late 1800s, and are often used by trout of salmon anglers, there are a lot of variation of these reels now days. Although they can be a specialized tool, they are also a popular option for beginner anglers.

Tips for choosing a fishing rod
Tips for Choosing A Fishing Rod

There are a few less options when it comes to the actual rod that when you are choosing a reel, however there is still a wide variety, and each one is purpose built.

  • Fly Fishing Rods (fresh water) should be light, fast and responsive.
  • Fly Fishing Rods (salt water) are generally stronger and longer with a well make cork handle.
  • Crankbait Rods are a favorite when fishing for bass. They should have a comfortable handle, strength and well balanced.
  • Surf Fishing Rods need to have casting power, whether you are fishing from rocks or the beach, you need to get that line out quite a distance and you’re fighting a tide.
  • Ice Fishing Rods are much smaller than any other type of fishing rod. They did to be able to fit into a smaller space, and although generally winter fish are a little more docile, you still need a rod with strength.

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