Five Ways To Reduce Bad (LDL) Cholesterol

Reducing bad cholesterol is actually easier than you think, but you need to commit to the process of changing your diet. You can make some basic changes that will reduce your cholesterol, and you will see your cholesterol change in a way that is hard to measure at first. You have to allow yourself to change slowly over time because you can see some weight loss and more energy come to your life. You will start to see more benefits come through over time.

green tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol

1. Try Some Green Tea

You could use something like green tea on Amazon. You might find that green tea is going to clear you out and make you much healthier than most people who are going through diet fads. You have to remember that green tea does not have caffeine, and it will help you with your metabolism. The minerals and vitamins in green tea are so good for you that you can start cutting back on cholesterol, and the idea of drinking green tea will become a hallmark for your health plan.

2. Expand Your Tea Selection

You can easily expand your tea selection when you are shopping with The company has produced a large number of tea varietals for you that will range from he green tea and powder above to the teas that will help you get some rest at night. You might use these teas so that you can have enough energy to work out, and you might find that you can use a tea to get to bed at night.

You might use a tea to help clean out your sinuses when you get sick, and this allows you to remain active. All the tea options that you have are affordable and online where you can see them and their prices.

3. Avoid Processed Foods In Your Diet

You must reduce processed foods in your diet, and you will find that you could much more easily lose weight and reduce your cholesterol when you have access to foods that are not so filled with chemicals and trans fats that will raise your cholesterol. Just cutting out these few things will go a long way to giving you the results that you want. You also need to remember that restaurant foods can be very hard on your body if you are eating them too often because they are cooked in heavy greases, fats, and others oils that are not good for you.

4. Try Supplements

There are supplements that will make you increase your metabolism, and you could begin to work out more often than you were before. You will feel better because you. Are taking the supplement everyday, and you will be much happier because you can use the supplement with your teas and all the other things that you are used to using.

5. Increase Green Intake

People who have a high green intake every day will feel much better about their diet because they are eating greens with every meal. You can add greens to your smoothies, or you could use them in all your entrees because they allow you to make salads and sides easily.

Take a look at all the things that you can do to make the best decisions for your body. You will be much happier with the ways that you look, and you will see your cholesterol count go down over time because you took charge of this part of your diet and lifestyle.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas that have helped you lower your cholesterol – if so please leave them in the comment section!

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