Gardening Tips for the Novice Gardener

There are plenty of benefits to gardening, and you don’t need a green thumb to get started. It’s always a pleasure to plant something with you own hands and watch it grow as a result of your labor and care. Gardening is also a fantastic stress reliever, and we can often feel drawn towards the garden after a rough day.

organic gardening tips and hacks

Besides the calming benefits that come from gardening, growing your own produce can cut grocery costs and save you money. Having a garden can also improve the aesthetic of your home and give off a pleasant aroma. Below are some tips and ideas for you to get started on your own garden, even if you’re a total beginner.

Apartment gardening

Not all of us have access to a yard, but there are still plenty of options for anyone living in an apartment or dormitory. This actually presents a wonder opportunity to start growing some simpler, low-maintenance plants.

A great apartment plant is the sansevieria trifasciata, colloquially called the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue. Known for its subtle beauty, tolerance to drought, and air filtration qualities. This is the ideal first plant, as it requires minimal watering and light.

Low maintenance house plants

There are many low-maintenance houseplants with a strong constitution. Plants like the peace lily, pothos plant, and the previously mentioned snake plant are great starters for new plant parents.

Peace lilies can thrive with little lighting. They will even grow under fluorescent lights and only need to be watered once a week. This makes them very simple to keep indoors in your hours or office.

Pothos plants make great hanging plant with their long vines. If you have animals, then this is a great plant to keep them out of their reach. I once forgot to water my pothos plant for over three weeks and it continued to grow.

Windowsill herb garden

Another great strategy for developing your green thumb is having a mini herb garden. Many herbs are very simple to grow like rosemary, basil, and mint. You can begin by placing them on the windowsill in front of a kitchen sink, which will remind you to water them. It’s also a great place for easy access to cooking with your herbs. Some will even grow in water, like basil.

The easiest produce to grow

One of the simpler plants to grow is the very delicious tomato plant. Any big box hardware store or local farmers market is likely to have tomato plants. Make sure you have a quality, 20-gallon pot with adequate drainage so your plant can grow. Vine tomatoes also need a cage for support.

The next step is finding a good spot for your tomato plant. Tomato plants need plenty of sunlight (at least 8 hours), so making sure they receive adequate exposure is very important. Some great places to grow your organic tomato plant are on patios, porches, or backyards.

Regrow from the grocery store

A very cost-effective way to develop your green thumb is to regrow plants. It’s very simple to regrow from produce and herb scraps purchased at the grocery store. Place the white part of an onion with roots in water and it continues to grow.

You can also try submerging celery, cabbage, romaine lettuce and bok choy in water. You’ll start to see new growth in about a week, and you can keep it fresh by spritzing it with water every so often.

Organic gardening doesn’t have to be a daunting task. When learning to garden remember you can always start off with easy to grow house plants. Taking care of plants is a lot like taking care of pets and can be just as rewarding.

Have you tried gardening yet? What has your experience been?

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