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healthy lifestyle and exercisePart of living a healthy lifestyle is staying fit and exercising regularly. The fitness gym is not necessarily the best place to start losing weight or perhaps gain some muscles. This is because the wide diversity of equipment on site may not always represent the best tools for your venture. Instead, you have a more powerful tool right at your disposal. You guessed – it is your own body! The secret of home training can go in more directions. Most people do it at home because they can engage into all kinds of activities meanwhile – playing their favorite music, watching a TV show or keeping an eye on their babies. Besides, there is no need to feel embarrassed if your silhouette is not the most attractive one in the world.

Now, what kind of equipment do you need for a thorough home based training session?

  • Chronometer or Smartphone Application

A chronometer is highly indicated for a properly planned training session. You can find independent chronometers or use your own watch. If you do not have such functions, opt for a smartphone application. Apart from applications, basic menus also have these features. You can set specific timing intervals to notify you when it is time to take a break and start a new series. Set the whole schedule upfront and carry your training session according to the warning signals. Fitness monitors and apps can help you track your way to a healthier body.

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  • Properly Sized Dumbbells

You do not need extremely heavy dumbbells to come up with regular workouts, but some medium-sized ones to allow some diversity. Normally, they should weigh five to eight pounds. It depends on your current strength level and physical condition. Dumbbells can help you work on your shoulders and arms. Of course, you can hold them while doing exercises for the back or abs too, not to mention squats. Any extra weight can help. These things are not mandatory, but they can make the difference.

  • Classic Chair or Couch


A classic chair or the back of a couch can become some of the best workout equipment. Anyone has such things around the household. You can use them for push ups with your feet above the hands, as well as step up exercises. Once again, you do not need anything special for these exercises, but just a simple chair.

  • Elastic Band

Not all the muscular groups can be stimulated at the same intensity. The back musculature represents a perfect example. It requires pulling movements against some sort of resistance. As you cannot hang yourself from the chandelier, you have to find a different way to work on these muscles. What do you get then? Simple – an elastic band. They are inexpensive and widely available.

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  • Whole Gyms

Over the past years, whole gyms have gained a huge popularity. They are quite compact and space efficient. They are not expensive either. They allow multiple types of exercises with just one equipment. Such gyms are complex and make an excellent addition to any household or garage. Double check the equipment in such a gym though, as it should match your actual necessities and future plans.

Don’t put it off another day! Start an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle whether it be a whole gym routine, simple exercises, or even practicing yoga or  Tai Chi. Help your mind and body stay healthy and fit. What do you do to keep yourself fit?


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