How to Convince Yourself to Take up Gardening for a Green Life

Gardening is a fantastic hobby that comes with many benefits. From growing your own sustainable source of food to giving you and the kids a fun hobby to get involved with, gardening is something that everyone with a garden should get involved with. However, it’s not easy to convince yourself to take up gardening, so here’s some useful advice and benefits that will help you switch over and take up organic gardening as both a hobby and a lifestyle choice.

Organic gardening

Gardening can assist in your green living lifestyle

Living green can be easy, but only if you know how to. There are plenty of green living ideas that can be implemented into your lifestyle almost immediately. For instance, avoiding plastic or getting creative with your decor and reusing items are some of the simplest ways to switch to a greener lifestyle. However, gardening is a hobby that can greatly assist in your green living lifestyle.

When you visit a supermarket, you’ll often find fruits and vegetables stored in plastic wraps and wasteful packaging. Instead of buying from a supermarket, you can choose to take up gardening so you can grow your own organic produce without having to worry about wasteful packaging or the types of conditions and fertilizers that farmers are using to grow that produce on the shelves.

If you really want to be absolutely sure that everything you buy is organic,then organic gardening is perhaps the easiest way to give yourself some peace of mind.

cabbage from DIY garden

Gardening can save you a lot of money

Since gardening involves growing your own produce, you can potentially save a lot on your grocery bill depending on the types of things you grow. You can save money by growing fruits and vegetables that you use in your dishes, and you can also grow herbs that you can use to spice up your favorite foods. Some of the vegetables can even be sold to neighbours and friends if they want some organic produce.

Gardening only has a bit of startup involved, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a foolproof way of saving money. The costs involved with gardening are usually outweighed by the benefits, but there are some types of produce that are rather tricky to grow. For instance, they might require a certain climate or they might be difficult to grow depending on the type of soil in your garden. As a result, you can often save money by growing easy produce and simply buying the trickier ones from a supermarket or farmer’s market.

In short, don’t think of gardening as a sure way of saving money. It takes a bit of money to get started and a lot of effort to see good results.

Gardening has a wealth of resources on the internet

Gardening might seem difficult to get into especially because it’s so much work. However, thanks to communities such as, you’ll find that gardening is not only simple to get into, but also a lot of fun thanks to all the communities that are involved with it.

You can visit a website and speak to people about gardening, ask for advice, show off your work and eventually help others grow their own produce once you’ve gained enough experience with your own. Gardening is a fantastic way to create new social connections. Thanks to the friendly communities that get involved with gardening and the accessibility of these websites, there’s never been an easy way to get into gardening.

However, if socializing isn’t really something you’re interested in, then there are also countless guides, video tutorials and books on gardening that will give you a good head start.

Gardening is a fantastic activity for your children

People don’t realize how important it is to get your children out. Instead of watching your kids stuck inside playing video games or watching television all day, convince yourself to take up gardening for their sake. Gardening is a fun activity that you can get your kids involved with. They can help you do things such as mow the lawn, plant new crops or even water the plants. It’s the perfect way to teach them how to be responsible in the future because they’re tasked with taking care of the produce.

It’s also a fantastic way to teach them about green living, where their food comes from and the importance of being a self-sufficient family. The skills they pick up from watching you in the garden and contributing will ultimately give them the knowledge they need to be self-sufficient in the future when they have their own homes and gardens to tend to. In the summer, it’s the perfect way to relax in the sun and get some work done, and you can invite your children to give you a hand to both make it easier and more fun.


Gardening is an effective low-impact exercise

Unlike a lot of other exercises, gardening is a great way to get a low-impact workout every day. Gardening doesn’t involve stressful movements that work your muscles too hard. Instead, gardening consists of simple actions that will help your joints, boost your heart rate steadily and give you a light workout. If you get used to tending to your garden every day, then you’ll no doubt burn a lot of weight and also keep your body healthy for many years to come.

If your children are stuck indoors, then convincing them to come out and help you with the gardening can be a great way to get them more active as well. In short, there are plenty of advantages that come with gardening, but the prospect of a relaxing way to lose weight is perhaps one of the most tempting ones. For more information about exercise with gardening, check out this article from to learn more about how exactly gardening helps with your body, how many calories you can burn and also which muscles it works.

Do you have a garden? If so what benefits do get out of growing your own food?

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