How to Write a Persuasive Essay About the Environment

The natural environment is hugely important – it is vital for the survival of the human race and for the prosperity of our grandchildren and great grandchildren. Can you see what I did there? I made my argument about the environment persuasive by talking about the future and families. Lessons aside, our environment is important and we must protect it. It is also important to educate people about the environment and the effect we are having on it – we cannot continue down this self-destructive path otherwise the consequences could be severe.

If you have to write a persuasive essay about environment readers must be invested in what you are saying and believe your sincerity. You must drill into them the need to save our environment, and show them what they stand to lose. Remember that if you really struggle writing essays, you can always gain help through To help, I have provided 5 simple steps you can follow to improve your environment essay writing techniques – enjoy and good luck!

Step 1 – Find official facts, figures and statistics to back your points

First and foremost, you essay MUST include actual facts and figures. How can you expect to persuade someone if your essay has no basis in fact? How can you show to someone the damage we are causing to our environment without giving them examples and statistics? Back up your words with cold hard facts – facts and figures are undeniable.



I used that contain useful environmental statistics and facts. The World Counts website for examples contains info about the percentage of the world’s coral reefs that have been destroyed, and how much of our natural resources we are using. Scour the web and use facts and figures to your advantage – ensure that what you are quoting is valid however!


Step 2 – Choose current topics that are debated in the media

Next, I would advise to include “hot topics” in your save environment essay. Look at current news websites and TV programs and see what environmental issues are being discussed. CNN for example has a whole section dedicated to energy resources and the environment. If you talk about topics that are being discussed in the media, your article will have relevance – readers can relate to what you are saying and will therefore be more inclined to trust and buy into your environment essay.


Step 3 – Include details about the immediate effects environmental damage could cause

I have found that creating a sense of urgency in environment essays can work wonders. If for example you talk about how our planet could be affected in 200 years’ time the hard fact is, is that no one will care – in 200 years’ time they will be dead. This is a negative thought process, but unfortunately it is something you will have to overcome.

Ensure that you talk about the immediate effects we are having on our environment – for example, in 20 years’ time Y percent of the world’s glaciers will have retreated by X meters. Twenty years is a timeframe we can all relate too – this makes your argument that much more persuasive.


Step 4 – Include details about how future generations could be affected

Whilst using immediate facts is a fantastic idea, I have found that talking about immediate future generations can really help too. Most people are primarily concerned with their own lives – this is understandable. Those who have children and grandchildren however will have deep concerns about their futures. If you talk about the affects we could cause to our environment for future generations, you will undoubtedly pull at your reader’s heartstrings. This in turn will help with your environmental protection essay and give you extra persuasion.



Step 5 – Make it personal

Finally, your environment essay has to be personal! I have found that readers will simply switch off if your essay is generic and will have little reason to listen to what you are saying. Consider writing using a first person narrative as this adds sincerity to what you are saying. Furthermore address the individual reader directly almost like a one on one conversation. If you use a personal tone, you can then appeal directly to your readers and persuade them in your arguments. Use emotive language and don’t be afraid to be controversial or blunt – the point has to be made and it has to hit home!

I hope you have found this article illuminating. Writing a typical save the environment essay can be difficult, but I wholeheartedly believe that if you implement the 5 steps I have listed above, you will be able to create a persuasive essay about environment with ease.

We must take care of our planet and it is important that people like you and me take the time to voice our concerns and inform the masses of the potential harm we are causing!

Author Bio: Emily Watts is an ecologist and writer. She works with different organizations and tries to save our environment. Also, she works on her own book about saving an environment.

Whether your writing an essay or not are you concerned about our environment – leave your concerns in the comment section below.

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