It’s all About Bananas: The World’s First Cultivated Fruit

Bananas are one of the most consumed and favorite fruits across the planet which are cheap and available easily round the year. They botanically belong to Musaceae family and are widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical zones. Banana is a perennial herbaceous plant which grows from underground rhizome and flourish the best under low-lying, humid, moisture-rich and tropical lands.

The evidence that Banana was first cultivated in New Guinea far back in 8000 B.C. as per Archaeologists, makes it the World’s first fruit ever planted.

Packed up in yellow envelope, they are filled with energy giving substances like Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamins C and B6. presents you a wide variety of HEALTH BENEFITS AND NUTRITIONAL FACTS of bananas – this sweet and creamy fruit  that should be part of a healthy diet.

Bananas health benefits

All about bananas:

  • They are the high calorie tropical fruits. A medium banana of 100 gms would have approximately 90 calories, rich in health benefiting Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Bananas are high source of antioxidants that act as a protection shield against free radicals and reactive oxygen species that play vital role in aging and various diseases.

  • Consumption of this fruit is very good for your Heart. It is full of potassium, a mineral which aids you in maintaining the required heart beat. It’s low sodium content also helps you protect the cardiovascular system from high blood pressure.

  • Bananas are composed of soft and easily digestible fiber made up of sugars like sucrose and fructose. So, they instantly replenish energy and revitalize your body. Because of these qualities, Athletes are prone to consume Bananas when they need instant energy . Bananas are also used in  a best treatment plan for underweight humans.

  • It has a good amount of soluble fiber(7% of DRA per 100 gm) that helps you promote regularity and reduce constipation and other digestive problems like Gastritis and can help prevent Ulcers.

  • Vitamin B6 in Bananas aid you in weight loss and protects against type II diabetes. It also plays an important role for fighting Neuritis and Anemia.

  •  It also consists moderate source of Vitamin C (approx. 8.7 mg per 100 gm) which helps you develop immunity to fight against infectious diseases and evil oxygen free radicals. Although it is not high source of Vitamin A , it contains some amount that help you improve your vision.

  • Bananas also provide adequate minerals like Copper – required to produce red blood cells, Magnesium – to strengthen Bones and protect cardiac irregularities.

  • Last but the most important, they contain tryptophan, which is an amino acid that plays an important role in boosting your mood and preserving memory.

It’s even Risky

Excess consumption or over eating of any food can be harmful, so is the case with bananas. Make you consume them in healthy moderation as part of a healthy balanced diet. Despite of the above mentioned benefits there are certain cons or possible health risks for Bananas too:

  • Having fruits in excess amount may lead to headaches and sleepiness.

  • Bananas is a sugar-full fruit, so eating too much and not taking proper care for dental hygiene can evoke tooth decay.

  • They do not contain enough proteins and fats, so they are not effective for your breakfasts or post workout meals.

  • Eating dozens of Bananas everyday may cause to high mineral and vitamin levels, that can cause nerve damage in arms or legs.

  • According to University of Maryland Medical Center , high Potassium levels in Bananas may lead to hyperkalemia, which is muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat or a temporary paralysis that can have serious consequences.

  • Sensitive People may have an allergic reactions eating Banana. It may cause Oral Allergy Syndrome which may include swelling and itching in the mouth and throat within hours after intake.

Concluding the post, let us shed some more facts that very few people may be aware of:

  • There are around 50 breeds of Bananas.

  • Banana peels are eaten by many people around the world. The myth that it is poisonous is not at all true.

  • India is the leading country producing 23 % of Bananas world-wide.

  • The right name for a bunch of Bananas is “Hand” and each Banana is a “Finger”.

Hope you enjoyed learning all about bananas and why they should be part of a healthy diet! Enjoy eating Bananas !! Stay Happy and Healthy Life!!

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