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Learned by the fencepostLearned By the Fencepost.” This is an amazing book about lessons in Organic Farming and Gardening written by Donald Lewis a friend of mine. He has decades of experience with organic farming and did many experiments himself to find out the truth. This book is an easy read and can be found on Amazon. I read this book and found it filled with so much important and vital information about the truth of what how conventional farming is destroying our soil and planet. He has documented every experiment he did and is a deep believer in the organic way as I am. I highly recommend this book it can help lead you to a healthier life. After you read this you will have no doubt why growing and eating organically is so important to a healthy lifestyle.

Donald is also concerned as I am about the many toxins that are in our daily environment and how they affect many disorders and diseases. Autism is one of those disorders that seems to be growing in epidemic proportions currently, especially in children.

He send me a letter asking for my support to share his message and experience with everyone I could – so please continue reading.

Donald wrote to NIH, ST-Jude, Autism Speaks Autism Research Institute etc.  His letter was refused because he was not a professional. (read his letter below)

Donald did received a call from the Autism Society counselors recently and amazingly they were interested and never thought about polyurethane. Donald commented to the lady he was speaking to and mentioned we need thinkers and experts.

This is Donald Lewis’s letter to NIH:

Many years ago I was exposed to ozone gas from a laser printer. After a bewildering array of medical issues was examined, it was found that I have Multiple Chemical Sensitive (MCS). After I had no more contact with the room housing the printers, I regained my health. The experience taught me to recognize my symptoms caused by toxins and to either remove the object or myself from the area. While most people show no immediate and obvious health issues, those of us with MCS are acutely aware of the toxins surrounding us. I can identify toxic items by their odor. My lips and tongue sting. When I am exposed to something that is particularly toxic my eyes water and even my teeth hurt. The strongest is an instant headache. I am an organic farmer and I raise earthworms to enhance my soil.

For many years, I raised the earthworms in wooden boxes since I had access to untreated scrap lumber. When I moved over a thousand miles, I no longer had all the free lumber so I used some plastic containers. The worms grew quickly and much larger but then turned white and died. After so many years of success I was puzzled. Then I started to think about the plastic containers I had used. I switched to boxes made from untreated lumber and once again I had healthy earthworms. Autism is on the rise. There are many theories about this troubling trend.

My MCS and a recent experience with polyurethane led me to ponder if there was a connection between plastics that cause my toxic symptoms and this syndrome that was largely unknown before the widespread use of plastics. We got a new bed for our dog. I immediately experienced watering eyes, tingling lips and a headache. The tag revealed that the dog bed was stuffed with polyurethane. I have also noticed that I have similar symptoms when around stuffed toys in the stores. I have checked the tags and they are stuffed with polyurethane fibers. There are 60 different chemicals used in making plastic. They are for different strengths for several uses. The scrap plastic is ground into fibers and used for stuffing. Parent won’t notice the issue unless they have MCS. Babies sleep on polyurethane foam mattresses, drink from plastic bottles and play with plastic toys and foam stuffed dolls. I wonder if exposure to plastics at a vulnerable age could be linked to the dramatic increase in autism. This might be something that is overlooked in research.

With herbicide (a hormone) found in Mother Breast milk and blood can one or the combination of the two cause the predicted increase of autism to 50% of children by 2025? This is a critical problem for the US. The medical and drug associations with the EPA are more interested in cure. I have read that millions of dollars studying the cause and not any conclusion at this time. Today I picked up a soft dog toy and stuffed with polyurethane fibers. Dogs are dying young from cancer. Can children’s cancer be caused by the fibers. I hope that NIH will test the fibers. Maybe it will save thousands of children from having Autism and cancer. One of the chemicals used in plastic is strychnine.

I am very concerned that the cause of Autism has not been discovered at this time. I would like everyone to look at the labels on children’s soft toys and beds. They can-not identify toxic. I am sure parents can-not if they are not MCS. The toys are all over the world. Dog beds and toys are the same. If you find they are polyurethane fiber throw them away.

My personal note: I hope you have learned from reading this and I support Donald and hope that others will take heed to what he is saying because I too suffer from MCS and I know that Donald’s words are filled with so much truth! Our children’s future are in our hands so let’s do all we can to stop the use of these toxic chemicals, especially in children toys and products. To learn more about green toys check out this website!





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