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Most of us were told when we were a child to drink your Milk is makes you grow up big and strong!  But in the last decade there has been much controversy about the benefits of milk. Milk is one of the most common food allergies and many people are lactose intolerance. Is it the milk or is it all the changes that we have done to milk that makes so many people bodies reject it?  What about raw organic milk – is that better for us? Well, that is a good question and there are many  factors to consider. So that is what we are going to discuss today.

If you were wondering if Raw Milk will make you sick?

The answer is NO – as long as it properly collected and the cows are fed correctly. Not all Raw milk is the same – it has to do with what the cow is fed, how it is raised, how the milk is collected – all of this play an important role in the safety and quality of the milk.

Cows that are pastured on organic green grass  and a minimum of grain, produce milk with amazing health benefits, and it can be a great medicine. It has trace amounts of naturally occurring hormones and growth factors-key bio-active ingredients that make is such a valuable healing food.

 If a cow lives on a heavy grain diet its changes the composition of the milk and hinders its ability to protect itself.  Raw milk that comes from cows fed on organic grass has natural properties that help protect itself or any one that drinks it from pathogenic bacteria.

I believe that the Pasteurization and Homogenization changes milks natural health quality and goodness. Pasteurizing is a heating process designed to destroy all bacteria, most enzyme activity, and is used to preserve the shelf live of a product. Once milk is pasteurized is can no longer be considered raw.

Homogenization is the process of forcing whole milk through small orifices under very high pressure which breaks down the fat globules into smaller particles and prevents cream from rising to the top. This the second high heat processing that alters color, flavor, and most likely nutritional value.  These processes take away the full complement of enzymes and kills the helpful bacteria needed by our bodies to break down and assimilate the milk sugar lactose.

 Understanding  the benefits of “Raw Milk” is important our health and maybe it’s worth checking! See if its something you might want to add to your diet to give your body the best care and healthiest choices you can! In our household we only purchase grass-fed Raw milk! What do you give your family?

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