5 Anti-Pollution Skincare Tips for Every Woman

Living in a city is fast-paced and exhilarating, but it also comes with the huge issue of natural troubles, including traffic and pollution. Pollution plays a large part when it comes to premature skin damage and harms your skin and dampens your composition, which may be the reason why your skin looks dull and tired a lot of the time, no matter how much sleep you get or moisturizer you apply.

To keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and hydrated, then it is hugely important to look for and invest in a skincare routine which will help you to tackle the skin problems that pollution causes.

5 Anti-Pollution Natural Skincare Tips

Exfoliate, And Then Exfoliate Some More

No matter if you do it regularly or not, adding an exfoliation step to your skin care regime is important in battling the effects of pollution. The main purpose behind exfoliation is to improve your skin’s appearance and health by removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It is quite a basic and natural step, as our skin has a natural ability to shed dead skin cells.

But, as we age, this can deteriorate and lead to dull and rough looking skin, which is only assisted with the effects of pollution. Whilst stripping your skin of dead skin cells is a fundamental step but should be done with a thought process behind it. Try to exfoliate just once a week to help aid your skin’s natural regeneration, as any more frequently may lead to your skin becoming irritated and red and look at using a natural exfoliator, rather than one which contains harmful microbeads and microplastics.

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Sunscreen Lotion Should Be Your Best Friend

If you have not yet begun to apply sunscreen every day, then today may be the day in which you start. You should, ideally, be wearing sunscreen every day no matter if it is raining or winter, as the aim is to reduce the danger of skin issues. As sunscreen provides your skin with an extra protective barrier, it also doubles up as a protectant against pollution.

Regardless of where you live, city or not, applying sunscreen should be a part of your everyday skincare routine. Ideally, you should be wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. In addition to this, ensure that you are following other sun protection measures, including avoiding the sun between peak hours and wearing long sleeves on high UV days.

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Use Makeup Remover For Fresh Skin

Whilst your usual day-to-day routine may not give you enough time to add in some extra pampering steps for your skin, one thing which you should always ensure that you do is to remove your makeup. Whilst heading up to bed at the end of a long day at work is extremely tempting, you should always remove your makeup. Dirt, pollution and grime can build up on the surface of your skin during the day, so by not removing your makeup, you’re simply transferring those germs and bacteria directly onto your pillow. This can then lead to breakouts and oily spots on your skin.

Ideally, you should cleanse your skin twice a day to effectively remover dirt, pollution and oil. This is even truer if you wear heavy eyeliner, false eyelashes or cosmetic glitter as part of your regular cosmetic routine, as often dirt and pollution can get trapped underneath. Using a good quality cleanser and toner is the best way to remove any lingering makeup products and will leave your skin feeling refreshed, especially at the end of a long day.

Natural skincare tips


Be Sure To Follow Up With A Moisturizer

Once you have finished cleansing your skin, you must follow up with a moisturizer, especially if you are looking to protect your skin against any pollution damage. For normal and oily skin, contributing external factors, such as pollution UV and over-cleansing can, over time, damage the skin’s natural moisture barrier, leading to an increase in oil production and loss of moisture.

Go natural and make your own DIY face moisturizer that saves you money and can works wonders to keep your skin glowing and soft. As a result, your skin will become overly-shiny. Keeping your skin moisturized and protected, even during the night time, will have longer-lasting effects when it comes to avoiding extensive pollution-damage.

Make Time For A Repairing Face Mask

To treat your complexion and hydration levels, be sure to make time during your week for a replenishing face mask. Over time, harsh factors, including pollution and UV rays, can damage your skin and cause irreversible effects and leave skin looking tired, dull and dry. Try some natural face masks to rejuvenate your skin and to draw out dirt, impurities and pollution particles, thus reducing the look of your skin tone.

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