Discover These 5 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

It’s quite possible that you’ve heard of some of the tricks you can use for saving energy at home such as turning down the AC when you’re not at home, turning off the lights when you’re ready to leave the home, and scheduling the hot water heater so that it keeps water hot when you’re going to use the shower. Following those ideas is a good reason for congratulations for doing what you can for the environment and for saving at least some money each month on your utility bill. If there were other ways that you could further save energy and money, would you be interested? Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

1. Get A Water Softener

Over time the appliances in your home that use water get built up and this, in turn, leads to them working less efficiently. This means that the washing machine and dishwasher end up working harder just to have the same levels of performance that you are accustomed to. This means they also use more energy in doing so. You can reduce the scale by getting a water softener which will reduce it by over 99% and make your water using appliances last longer.

2. Have A Professional Audit Your Homes Energy Use

For the average layperson it’s usually not enough to read blogs on the topic or to try figure out where the greatest amount of efficiency can be improved on, so instead, it’s recommended you get an energy audit by a professional. Making this type of investment means that a professional will come out and use a variety of tools to help determine where the greatest energy savings can come from in your home and he’s able to document all the details so that you know exactly what will get the best result.

You will often be able to find professionals in your area by doing a simple Google search. Of course, it’ll take more than just getting the audit. Once you have it, then you need to take the information and make the necessary improvements.

3. Home Insulation

When your home is properly insulated you’ll be able to keep the heat in during the winter and out in the summer and during the hot months, you’ll be able to keep the cool air from the air conditioning in the home. Weatherstrips and seals also help in this way but insulation protects a much bigger area of the home which includes the attic, the walls, the ceiling and floors, and the basement. Sometimes there are other options for floors and walls but when it comes to areas such as the addict, putting in insulation is usually the most efficient option.

Commonly, Canadians spend more money heating their homes every year than any other related expense. For this reason, it makes good sense to have more effective ways of keeping in the heat generated for the home. You can use Natural Resources Canada as a place to find resources related to insulation and air sealing and you can also find information on getting insulation inspections as well as safety and health concerns and even how to retrofit your home.

4. Effective Use Of Weatherstrips And Seals

If you have an energy audit this is one of the things they will likely find that can be improved upon. Lots of areas in the home such as around doors and windows have areas that let your heating and cooling out and by sealing those areas you reduce the amount of energy needed from your air conditioner and heating unit. Ceiling these areas is fairly inexpensive and yet it can significantly reduce wasted energy and they are easy to install.

5. Use Green Energy Like Solar Panels

Over time you can save quite a lot of energy by installing solar panels. It’s a fairly substantial investment that will cost somewhere between $30,000 to $40,000. One American company has created a way to invest in this green energy by allowing homeowners to have solar panels installed without any upfront costs. This company will install the panels and then the homeowner pays that company for the energy that the panels generate. Even though the homeowner is paying for the energy the units generate, they typically save 20% off that utility. It’s one of the many things energy companies won’t tell you – here are some other things to know about energy companies.

Additional Methods For Saving Energy

The methods to save energy mentioned in this article above will save significantly but they are above the more typical ways you might be looking for. Here are some additional simple ways to save energy:

Install a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat. This enhancement will significantly increase your ability to control the thermostat so that you can save the most amount of energy when you’re not at home. In some estimates, it is believed to save an average homeowner as much as $150 a year by using this type of upgraded thermostat. It typically costs about $100 for this upgrade.

Fluorescent light bulbs will cost more upfront but they last several times longer and they save you money on the overall energy that they use. Installing a tankless high efficiency water heater will save an average of 30% on their use of energy which saves you money throughout the year. They will often last two times longer than other types of water heaters.

Most people wouldn’t think of ceiling fans but they actually help in keeping the temperature of your home more comfortable while using less energy to heat or cool it. Using appliances with an Energy Star rating such as air conditioners, washer and dryers, and dishwashers as well as an on-demand water heater can save significant energy each and every month. Learn how to help your household appliances be greener by using the them properly.  Having an appliance that has this certification will give you energy savings over what other appliances will.

What do you do to make your home more energy-efficient??

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