How You Can Find The Best Balance With What You Eat!

More of then than not, most of us will see healthy eating as boring. While that may be the case to some people, it doesn’t have to be for you. Because healthy eating isn’t all sauce-less salads and raw juices. Eating well and fueling your body is so much more than that. But in order to believe it, you have to be willing to adjust your current lifestyle and give eating healthy a try.

Food is great, bad food is even better, but you don’t always have to go wild with what you eat. In fact, when you do, you’re definitely going to be on the fast-track path to moving up a few dress sizes. And that’s never a good sign for your internal health. Instead, you need to be able to find a balance. If that sounds like something you’re looking for ……

Here’s how you can work on finding it.

Be Honest

First of all, you’re going to want to be a bit more honest with yourself. If you want to be able to change the way you eat, and make sure you see a difference in how you look and feel, you have to start getting a little more honest with yourself. Because if you can’t be completely transparent, and honest about what you’re eating, then you’re not going to be able to know what you need to change in the first place.

Identify Your Eating Patterns

At the same time, you also need to be able to identify your eating patterns. If you’re going to find a balance, you have to know where you’re going wrong in order to put it right.

So start taking notes of:

  • What you’re eating
  • When you’re eating
  • How often you’re eating
  • How much you’re eating when you’re not hungry
  • When you have kept eating even after you’re feeling full

Then, you’ll be able to balance things out.



Make Healthy Swaps

One of the keys of having a balance is being able to keep yourself on a healthy track. When you have a sweet tooth, or a bit of a weakness for certain things, you should think about switching them out for healthier options. By making healthy swaps, such as wraps for bread and choosing organic dark chocolate over milk, you’re choosing to eat the healthy choices that much more nutritious and better for your body overall.

Balance Out The Day

At the same time, you should also be thinking about the ways you can find a balance with the foods that you’re eating. This can often be easy to do when you’re thinking about a set day. If you know that you’re eating out at night, then make sure to have a healthy breakfast and a light lunch to make up for it.

Fill Up On Food

One thing you should definitely start to tell yourself, is to cut out the wasted calories. By this, you’re going to want to fill up on food and not use up vital calories on things like sugary drinks. By filling up on sugary drinks, you’re taking in extra calories that your body doesn’t necessarily need and has no nutritional value. So this is one area that you can cut back on quite easily.


Focus On Fuel

Next, you should try to think about food as fuel. To do that, you want to focus on eating the right kinds of foods, like the Venus Factor diet here says, to help your health. When you’re eating to fuel your body, with the right whole grains, proteins, and nutrients, you should be able to cover off the health elements you need to, to then allow for treats when you want them.

Listen To Your Body

But you also have to be able to start listening to your body too. You should start to know how your body reacts when you eat certain things. That way, you’ll be able to cut them out to benefit from better levels of health. At the same time, you’ll be able to figure out what your body needs to be eating more of too.

Try 80:20

Finally, you may find that it helps you to try the 80:20 rule. This means that you’ll stay on track and eat well for 80% of the time, and then enjoy a treat 20% of the time. By doing this, you should find that you’re able to get the balance between eating well and enjoying what you want down. You can make sure that you’re eating well and staying healthy, but still indulging in your favorite things – just in moderation.

Do you have any suggestions or tips on eating healthy that have worked for you?

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  2. It’s been 5 months since I stopped smoking and I feel great jogging 4 miles everyday at around 5:am. The money I spent on cigarettes before are now being spent with fruits and I only feel like I’m getting stronger everyday. I’m 41.. Thanks for the tips..

    1. Hi Raden,
      I am so glad that you found my tips helpful. It’s so great to hear that you stopped smoking and are spending your money on healthy food, exercising and taking control of your health. Thumbs up to you. Keep it up. Thanks for reading my article,commenting and please stop by to check for regular updates on living healthy. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

    1. HI Carol,
      Glad you liked my tips and found them helpful. Thanks for stopping by, commenting and sharing my article. I truly appreciate it. Have a healthy, happy, & blessed day!

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