What Makes for a Truly Healthy Home Atmosphere!

Our living environment has a profound effect on how we feel, act, and think. It shapes our life, daily habits, and lifestyle choices. Therefore, a home should always be a sanctuary where you feel safe and peaceful and where we can find true health and wellness. The only question is how to make this dream a reality?

Well, it is clear that a healthy home is certainly a happy home. You need to take proactive design measures, give rooms a healthy makeover, and help yourself unwind and relax. The goal is to foster an inspiring place, a shelter to sit back, relax, and get inspired. Rest assured that your efforts will pay dividends, as positive effects carry into other areas of your life.

Turn a new leaf

To start making a positive change in your immediate surroundings, declare war on clutter. You want to set an organized, clean, and open backdrop that lets you breathe and embrace the effortless way of living. This revamp will reduce the level of stress, help you focus better, and enhance your mental health. So, rethink your layout. Rearrange the furniture for a better flow of traffic. Try to gain as much floor space as possible.

Next, go through your belongings. Separate items you need at least every now and then from those that serve no purpose other than getting on your nerves. Throw out, gift, or donate everything that obstructs the utility of your home and occupies space that could be used better. To keep the distractions and mess at bay, employ neat storage solutions. Maximise the vertical dimension with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Set order to your drawers using organizers.

In new light

Another great way to easily shift the ambiance is via lighting. It cheers things up and infuses your rooms with an airy sensation. Thus, make the most of natural daylight by getting rid of thick drapes and curtains. There are various health benefits linked to exposure to Sun’s rays. Artificial light is a necessity, of course, so replace the light fixtures to breathe new life into your space.
LED bulbs are superior in almost every way to incandescents, as they last way longer, are energy efficient, and contain no toxic chemicals. Equipped with light dimmers, they even accommodate different moods and needs. Apart from overhead fittings, make sure to use task lights to boost functionality and reduce eyestrain when reading or working.

Warm embrace

Furthermore, it is time to make your environment more inviting and improve its visual appeal. Switch your color palette and introduce soothing whites, neutrals, and pastels. Add small splashes of color here and there to spark the imagination. Also, using quality area rugs will definitely add an extra dash of style and snugness to your abode. You can check this splendid online source of floor rugs for inspiration.

Remember that the finishes and furniture you choose influence noise levels as well. Hardwood floors, albeit beautiful and sturdy, produce more reverberating noise. To mitigate it, there are various items that have absorbent properties. Think in terms of wood blinds, canvas paintings, shutters, fabric wall hangings, bookcases, upholstered furniture, etc.

Organic presence

Note that indoor air pollution tends to be two to five times worse than the one outdoors. Therefore, you need to find a way to preserve its quality. You can use various HEPA-certified products to make it happen, including air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. Steer away from harsh chemical cleaners and synthetic home finishes, products with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and furniture ridden with flame retardants.

Stick to natural fabrics and fibres that are not full of noxious gases, stain protectors, and reactive compounds. Implement materials like wool and wood: they ooze the much-needed organic charm and do not produce off-gas. Instead of pollutants, invite the outdoors in. Introduce potted plants that clean the air naturally — their rejuvenating presence positively affect your mood.

Home metamorphosis

You do not have to break the bank to change the way your rooms look and feel. If you play it smart, you will be able to quickly take control of the quality of your lifestyle. So, draw inspiration from ideas presented above and roll up your sleeves. Optimize the living environment for healthier, stress-free living and check out this article to learn more about ways your home affects your health.

Start by banishing stressors and clutter from your home. Add character, comfort, and sustainability. Slight changes in factors such as light, colors, and temperature can make a big difference in terms of increasing mental and physical health, the mainstays of your overall well-being. Transform your home into an uplifting abode where you can flourish, not just exist mundanely.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make your home a truly healthy home?

Leave your suggestions in the comment section below and please share this article so that we can all have a truly healthy home!

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  2. I am doing a little better about clearing up clutter the minute I realize it is stealing my peace and I am using more natural cleaning supplies, since I found out that I have become allergic to almost everything it seems. My next challenge is those closests and cabinets! I plan to clear out the stuff that is overflowing from there, but hasn’t been useful in the past few years. Thanks for inspiring me to do better.

    1. Hi Vox,
      I have many allergies too and have found that clutter, have a clean relaxing environment does wonders to help stop reaction. I have plants everywhere which makes such a difference in how you feel plus their air cleaner qualities. Thanks for reading my article, commenting and stopping by. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

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