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Want to light up your garden a little? But you don’t want to go conventional. There are a variety of alternatives to traditional lighting options when it comes to outdoor areas. The best thing is they don’t have to be expensive or energy-consuming. Take a look at these magnificent solar-powered garden accessories.

 Solar Northern Lights Sphere

Northern lights spheres can add a beautiful look to your garden and lighten up the place in the evenings. They are sold individually and the more items you have, the brighter your garden at night. When fully charged, these lights can last more than ten hours. Their advantage over other gardening lighting options is that they change their colors, which creates a fairy atmosphere.

The spheres need to be displayed out in the sunshine for about eight hours so that they can glow at dusk. They switch on automatically, once it becomes dark outside. There are seven different colors, such as green, gold, red and blue. This is a nice garden accessory that doesn’t use electricity and won’t fatten your electricity bill. At the same time, it will add a romantic touch to your outdoor area.

northern lights sphere

Just take a look at these beautiful  Northern Lights Spheres that can be purchased for $24.95.
Note: after it rains you need to make sure the spheres are clean so they can charge.

 Firefly Jar

This sweet and marvelous gardening accessory recalls early childhood days when there were no cell phones, computers or tablets and kids would spend their summer evenings out on the hunt for fireflies. The jar is a great addition to any garden, patio or porch. Leave in the sun during day and when the night begins, the “fireflies” will start glowing. The lantern needs to be left for about eight hours in direct sunlight so it can charge. When it is fully charged, it is able to glow for several hours. It is a Mason jar filled with LED lighting in the form of fireflies. It has an AA Ni-Mh battery and a hanging hoop made of steel.

Make your evenings in the garden magical by using these lanterns to light up your porch.

Check out these eyecatching Firefly jars  solar lights can add a magical touch to your backyard or patio decor.

 Blue Moon Solar Light

Want to have the moon in your back yard? No problem. Install blue moon solar lights in your garden and enjoy a blue moon every night. What is great about this accessory is that it serves as a lantern at night and a beautiful garden sculpture during day.

blue moon solar light

This solar light needs at least eight hours of sun to glow at night. Leave it in your garden where it will get enough sunlight and don’t worry about it. It will turn on automatically once it gets dark outside. Easy installation and no electricity required. These are just some of the many benefits of the blue moon solar light.  So don’t wait – go ahead and take a look at these blue moon solar lights that will have all the neighbors talking.

Dragonfly Solar Lights  dragonfly solar lighting

Another great evening accent for your garden is this solar light set of three “dragonflies”, each of which has a solar panel built from within. What is so special about them is that they change their colors. Do as with the other solar lights mentioned above; place it in the sun so it can charge. Enjoy at dusk. The dragonflies will turn on automatically at night. On a full charge, they are able to glow for 8 to 10 hours. They are easy to install.

There are tens of thousands of other garden accessories available at online stores, but of course you can find ones in brick-and-mortar shops as well. This is just to give you an idea of the abundance of items sold out there. Hope you enjoyed it.

The article is kindly contributed by Gardeners in Clapham

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